The War of the Otherkin

I’ve already done this on another forum, but I thought someone here might like it. Its fantasy and stuff like that. Its also unfinished, so I’ll probably be doing some more on it. There’s also a few mistakes towards the end, and some gramatical errors.

Chapter One

We look down on sword, bow and claw toting werewolves, contained in a stone fortress. The werewolves were tense, fear and anticipation filled the air.
Their fear was justified. Their scouts had recently reported a dark tide of vampires flooding over the land.
But these were no ordinary vampires. They moved through daylight, like a fish through water. The razed all in their path.
They were evil incarnate.
They were the Knights of the Apocolypse.

The Elven seers watched in wonder. They were at a loss. They kept records and research documents on everything. They carried out experiments on things unknown to most of the world. They Knew.
But these day roaming vampires were something new. They were a logical impossibility.

But the High Ones watched with merriment. This should be entertaining. With the Drow against Sirean, and the Werewolves against the Vampires, this was turning out to be something good…

Ust Natha had been destroyed. The mighty city had fallen. The surviving drow had fled. The elememtal mages that were the Sirean had razed Ust Natha to the ground.
However, the drow were not finished yet. Unknown to the mages, a force of driders was preparing an ambush. The mages may have won the battle, but the war was far from over…

The werewolves and the high elves had reached an agreement. Until the vampires were completely obliterated, they would remain allies.
Archers of both races readied themselves on the battlements, checking their arrows, while the hand to hand troops patiently waited inside the fortress walls, sharpening blades. Split among the warriors were mages and shaemen. They would provide magical support for the main forces.

The vampires were nearing the fortress. The undead would not be stopped…

Chapter Two
The History

Out of the extensive werewolf armies, only a few units remained. The Legion of Fenrir, the elites, were still standing. Commanded by the blind werewolf Kalyn Baltr, they were the ultimate warriors, fearless and agile, their battle prowess was unmatched.
The Silver Dawn Battalion was the force of the veteran werewolves, who were not good enough to join the Legion of Fenrir. Lord Alore Peri was their leader.
And the greens were assigned to The Regiment of Arian, led by the veteran Arian Tera.
Various small forces lay in between these levels, but they had no names, only ranks.

The ruler of the werewolves, King Lesun Montford, was sitting in the council chamber of Stelher Fortress, quietly going over the situation in his head. Centuries ago, the vampires and the werewolves had shared an ancesteral bond. No-one knew why the bond had been cut, but it had resulted in a bloody war, in which hundreds of vampires and werewolves had been slaughtered. After that, the two enemies had kept clear of each other, only getting into minor skirmishes.
But that had all changed with the coming of a revolutionary vampire king, Seriok Nebreska. He had realised that if the werewolves were destroyed, the vampires would have free reign over the land, with only the treetops and the underground unconquered. But they could wait.

Meanwhile, the vampires had gathered in an abandoned village for the day. Sunlight may not kill them, but their will was wearing thin, and they were grownig weaker.
They were only a mile or two away from Stelher Fortress, and could sense the fear emnating from it.
They would strike at night. The werewolves were expecting it, but were certain that it would be the worst thing to do, since it was pretty much the only thing they could do.

The vampires were coming, and it did’nt look like anything could stop them…

The mages lit a cicle of fire around the fortress. It was the first line of defence, designed to hinder their opponents, so the archers could do their work.
At every sound, the forces jumped. The tension was unbearable.
Then they saw them. The dark tide of evil was advancing at a torturingly slow pace. They stopped just out of range of the archers. As one, they looked up at the werewolves and ther elven allies, and smiled.

They still hadn’t moved by dawn. The werewolves knew it was a trap, and an unerving one at that. The fire was slowly going out, as the mages knew maintaining it would only weaken them, and leave them defenceless.

King Lesun Montford watched. This was almost the same as the ancient war, when the bond was breaking. The elves had formed an alliance, and they had managed to keep the vampiric attackers at bay. But then they had had the eagles. That was not as such now.

This was going to be a bloody war, and this was never going be the end.

Chapter Three
The War of the Otherkin

The fire had burned out, and the Knights of the Apocolypse were advancing.
‘Legion Archers… FIRE!’ shouted the Commander Baltr. He could have smelt the evil a mile off.
‘Lord An’tyi! Get your archers to pick off the back line!’ The elves were famous for their aim, and their magical bone peircing arrows.
King Lesun Montford leapt up onto the battlements.
‘LET THEM FEEL OUR WRATH!!!’ the vampire runners had reached the gate, and were charging against the ancient stone.
‘SILVER DAWN!! ATTACK!!! CHARGE!!!’ This was Lord Peri. He himself was armed with two steel blades, both a metre in length.
Nearly a fifth of the vampire army had fallen already, but they had reached the hand-to-hand Silver Dawn Battalion, and were slashing at the werewolves, felling them rapidly.
The mages were destroying random vampires, but the demons were still pushing the werewolves back.
The Regiment of Arian were manning the towers, and pouring boiling oil on to the advancing hordes. The battle was even.
But not for long.

‘Sir! Scout band reporting, sir! Flyers are approaching from the west! Orders sir?’
‘Alert the archers. We must hold them back!’
‘Yes sir!’ The scout rushed up towards the outer battlements. The king sat on the inner battlements, his bow strung and his heart heavy. He knew they were losing, and news of the flyers had made it clear. Unless the eagles were informed of the situation soon, the battle would be lost. The Silver Dawn Battalion were exhausted, and with Lord Peri mortally wounded, they were losing morale, and their blades were swung half-heartedly.
‘Legion Archers! Fire to the west! Flyers coming in fast!’
‘YOU HEARD HIM! AIM…FIRE!’ A hail of arrows flew through the air, taking out the front line flyers.
‘Uir’to! Take your men through the side gates! Pincer the vampires! Get the mages to lock them off at the back!’ Commands were coming from everywhere, but the vampires were still advancing, slowly but surely.
'Kaden! Have we managed to reach the eagles yet!? We need reinforcements, NOW!
‘I’m trying! Something is blocking the damned link!’

my only question is why are your chapters so short. just curious.

cool stuff

Well, I just put a chapter per post on the first forum i did this in, but yeah, this is just a prototype, and I’m not very experienced…

That was me. Once I do…say… 10 chapters, which’ll probably be (a lot) longer, then I’ll try and dunno…do something…maybe not publishing…
Anyone spot the ‘gonig’?

How old are Shadow if you don’t mind me asking? When I was 13, when I first starting writing, my nickname was Shadow. Then I changed it to John Bane Smooth. That is because Smooth fitted my performance style more than Shadow.

I love vampires :slight_smile: Good stuff, Shadow. Keep em coming!

all i hear is talk! youve got to make us feel the writing! omigod, thats sounds really corny…

Funny that you say that. In all the other stories I’ve written, there has been basically no dialogue. I might add more description and such when I do a fuller version (in progress)