The will of God

I have read much in the Bible in my life.
One thing who is confusing to me, is exactly the will of God.
I understand He want us to believe in Him and do what is right.

But here is the problem; how could we know for sure what is right? It is no doubt that what is right is very subjective from person to person.
One thing who is right for one, could be wrong for another in some situations.

It is writed in the Bible that you shall do to others that you want others to do you; but in some situations do people have different whises.
I think it is very different things people wish other to do to them.
So, in this case; is the will of God that you do what you believe is right, even if others have different viewpoints about it?

Thanks for all viewpoints and comments.

Follow His Holy Books and follow your hearth and try your utmost to do the right thing and God will reward you.

the interpretation of those books is flawed (assuming the books themselves are not)
so you’ll basicly never exactly know what the book sais

you can, though, try to become a good person, live to be happy and to give love… etc. … , which you should do if you didn’t believe in god also
so it shouldn’t really make a difference, i think the people who wrote those books tried to give clues how to lead a good life, that’s all


quote from pirates of the carabean; “they’re more like guidelines anyway” eh… just kiddin

Very good point. We muslims believe that Muhammed was given the authority by God to interpret the Quran and live according it. There is no single human in history who life was recorded in such a detail it would like he just had lived yesterday except Muhammed. So, Willem, we have the book and the right interpretation. What’s the next step?

For me mohammed is not the one who can judge over all things, i don’t know the guy, but for me he is human, and therefore, fallible.
I don’t doubt his judgement may be a good one in many cases, but for me he is not the one to dictate my life…

My best guess is to keep my eyes open for other ideas, and try to live the way i think is best, a combo of other’s views i like and views i think of myself…

the next step?

i’m not in a position to tell you what is good and what is not, but i may try to convince you…
when you found out what really matters, hadj, you should keep to that

love and let love, live and let live


Hmm…for us he is human too, like any other prophet however God watch over them like God said in the Quran:

“If he (Messenger) were to invent any saying in Our Name, We should certainly have seized him by the right hand and We should then have surely cut off the artery of his heart"
[Qur’an 60:44-46]

“Say; It is not for me, of my own accord, to change it (the revelation). I follow naught but what is revealed unto me"
[Qur’an 10:15 ]

"Say, (O Muhammed) “I am no more than a human being like you…” [18:110]

And I’m interested in your point of view to religion (or a way of life).

Once a beautiful crane, of golden feathers, happened to fly into the court of the Great Emperor of China The Emperor was delighted by his glorious guest. He lavished attention on the magnificent bird. He offered the bird the finest meats that his chefs could prepare. From his cellars he shared the most sumptuous wines. The greatest entertains were summoned to perform before the golden visage of this eloquent bird. Then after a few days of this wonderful treatment, the bird promptly dropped stone dead.

What you enjoy and want for yourself, may not be any good for another. Better to do onto others what they want done onto them.

i’m sitting on the fence a bit these days… i reckon i can only start from what i percieve, but can’t really trust my perception…
i was raised a catholic, but turned from it years ago, now i realize nothing is ever certain, so let’s just say i’m an agnost…

i value the chance to happiness, and therefore the human life, above all…
the chance to a positive contribute to this world or to ourselves is the only point of life, (life is our greatest treasure, yet we are far too careless with it…)

i know so little, hadj… but i’m happy i realize it…



Loved it !!!

There is the saying that a just God will only judge you by what you regard to be right - but that is enough to get a lot of us into a lot of trouble.


Prophet Mohammed said: “Actions are only by intention, and
every man shall only have what he intended.” (Al-Bukhari and Muslim).

How can you possibly take anybody else’s word for it when it comes to something like this? The worship of God is a very private matter, as suggested by the passage below…

It’s obvious that people are going to disagree with each other, there’s no other way around that, which is ultimately why this is something you will have to determine for yourself.

You can know by listening and doing what He says - as the Prophet says:

Micah 6:8 He hath declared to thee, O man, what is good; Yea, what is the eternal One requiring of thee, except—to do judgment, and love kindness, And lowly to walk with thy God?

Doing judgement, loving Kindness and to lowly walk with God are hardly things that need varifying beforehand!