The Winter People

“The Winter People”

“Remember your earmuffs,”
Mother said, as I rushed to the door.

I laughed and returned to the closet and grabbed the white ones, camoflauge.

Today school was cancelled,
It’s time to join The Winter People.

We met in the parking lot, where not a single teacher’s car rested.

The snowplow had been through,
And left a hill for our new fortress.

We dug tunnels and prepared for the imminent invasion that day.

The bigger kids came and,
bombarded us, but we fought them off.

The fort would remain ours for the next day if school was cancelled again.

Twenty-five years later,
And I’m fighting in a real war.

I’m cold, I’m scared, I’m tired, I’m hungry, I’m bleeding, and I’m dying.

The snowballs are missiles now,
The iceball that stings is a grenade.

I shiver and I weep as I belly-crawl through the trenches and mud.

I’m hit and now I’m down,
I think the big kid must have cheated.

I am getting weary, and my last thoughts are of The Winter People.

Is this what we were preparing ourselves for?

I like this.

emotion, relatability, and that stinging sort of message i always enjoy…

Looks like Orans post encouraged more than myself to start posting here again :slight_smile:

Thank you, Wonderer.

The pen just took off from my hand and did whatever it wanted it to do without my permission on this one. The poem was originally supposed to be an exploration of child-like innocence.