The words of a sketpic

“Have you seen me? I’m pretty certain I exist I think, I think you know me, I’m that opposer proposing answers that I’m unsure of…Some call me a skeptic or sophist, but I’d like to think of myself as a ‘relativist’. I know I’m uncertain, as I feel that uncertainty allows me the freedom to adapt to modernization, although even in modernization I still haven’t adapted. I really don’t know what I’m telling you even at this point, all I know is that I can’t know, and I’m sure of this, or at least I think I am. You should agree with me however, I feel that I am right in saying you can’t really know answers, I have a hard time finding them since I hold no foundation, I cannot anchor what I’m actually believing in, I’m just trying to provoke thought in your dogmatic mind. If this leaves you confused, I’m deeply sorry, but we should be confused, that way we can never be wrong, even though yes, I could be wrong about that. I’m a skeptic now…However, if the truth I can agree with finally comes, such as a scientific proof, that some God does not exist, I will gladly abandon my skepticism and hop on the polar express. I wouldn’t say my words are meaningless, even though I can’t be sure, but I will tell you, doubting is an amazing way to live life. Am I saying I’m a skeptic about everything? No, I just doubt the intrinsic metaphysical and epistemological aspects of life. No…don’t say I don’t trust anything, because I do with a certain amount at that time…but I’m not supposed to hold onto that time as you know, for I am malleable. Who say’s to look at life as a spectator! I play the game pragmatically, but this isn’t the reason why I’m uncertain about tomorrow…well, i’m still uncertain, but I’m pretty certain. Truth, meh! Yes I know many of the old great philosophers believed in truth and opposed my type, but I’d rather stick with someone who’s much more respectable, even though I’m not sure who to think of because I’m not sure if they are or if they even existed. I think you know who I am now, so next time you think you see me, say hi. If it’s someone else…I’m deeply sorry, but even in changing I cannot change who I am, I am certain of this or so I think, wait no, have I been using ‘or’ all this time? I am certain and uncertain at the same time, there we go, this is the truth.”

I want to hear your thoughts as soon as your done reading it.

I think this is quite possibly the very best straw man I’ve ever seen.

The only part I agreed with was the “I Think” cause well…that is something. Other than that I saw a satire which was not needed.

I am also confused is this supposed to be me? If so well, that is too bad.

I recently finished Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse.

Here is an excerpt.

"When it was time for Govinda to destpart the following morning, he said with some hesistation: 'Before I go on my way, Siddhartha, I should like to ask you one more question. Have you a doctrine, belief or knowledge which you uphold, which helps you to live and do right?
 Siddhartha said:'You know, my friend, that even as a young man, when we lived with the ascetics in the forst, I came to distrust doctrines and teachers and to turn my back on them. I am still of the same turn of mind."

That is a statement which embodies a certain degree of skepticism.

And for another wise jewel from the book; “Wisdom is not communicable. the wisdom which a wise man tries to communicate always sounds foolish.”

“For example, a truth can only be expressed and enveloped in words if it is one-sided. Everything that is thought and expressed in words is one-sided, only half the truth; it all lacks totality, completeness, unity.”

Just thought I would throw those in there to perhaps help you out Club with some Eastern mind set.

Can you explain why?

Satori, with all sincerity, would you say that a satire of Christianty isn’t needed?

I realize what you’re saying about truth, but what do you say when let’s say… You and your wife(just an example) are going to have a kid, she’s 9 monthes pregnant and you are asked by someone, Hey is your wife, laura, pregnant? You say no, she says yes at the very same time. What is the person going to think? You guys have a weird since of humor? This person’s question can’t be answered, and she can’t be pregnant and not pregnant at the same time.

Only in response to someone who was assailed with Christian ideals.

Is this a serious question? We are talking of matters of possibilities of our lives and this is the best you have? When I am discussing philosophical matters the double language may play well, but you honestly think in regards to my going ons I would respond in this matter? If someone asks me for an interpretation of the world they know why would I place a riddle before them? Why would I wish to confound them? I could take it to duality etc but it is not about the nature of life but rather a simple question.

I am confused to your purpose here if you believe you have learned all you can; and know everything. Do you speak to your parent’s the same way you do with your friends? So why would I speak the same to a philosophical debator as I would with a friend? This thread is certainly not winning respect from many people. :frowning:


Dan~ and he probably wont like me reminding him of this but I think it is necesary- Once stated somthing almost exact to that of which you have made the topic of this post, It was his first step in becoming what he is now. Which if you could get past your mental barier’s, would be much different than your current oppinion’s or understanding of his word’s and what he is saying or trying to convey in the best way possible.

I made the same coment to him that I will make to you now, What you do with it is up to you.

“If you only Knew what the meaning of what you just stated was, You would be on your way.”


Read what he wrote again and “read” into it very deeply, while doing this open your mind and put no barriors on what it can mean or be saying.

Complex wording’s like what Club has written, come from the Unconcious mind and say more then you can imagine or see just reading and taking the words for what they mean in their definition’s.

Because you’ve espoused a position that is not your own in a manner designed specifically so that you could attack it, and have furthermore misrepresented the subject of your assault.

As I’ve told you, relativism is not solipsism. “Relativism expresses the view that the meaning and value of human beliefs and behaviors have no absolute reference. Relativists claim that humans understand and evaluate beliefs and behaviours only in terms of, for example, their historical or cultural context.” Relativism is “the philosophical doctrine that all criteria of judgment are relative to the individuals and situations involved.” (wikiand

This is not the same as the idea that we can know nothing; it is the idea that we can only know things in terms of our perspectives. And really, your usage of the everyday world example was way off, because not all proponents of relativism argue for its direct application to all human situations as if we all needed to be constantly reminded of our uncertainty; human situations are necessarily human, and thus fit closer to our perspective and our truth, so relativism is far less important. Where it becomes more important is across cultures, or concerning deeply personal feelings, because such radically different perspectives are involved.

“all I know is that I can’t know, and I’m sure of this”

how can u be so sure? that’s a bit contradictory don’t u think?
and you cannot be a skeptic unless you are very well versed in what you are skeptic about…

how can u be so sure? that’s a bit contradictory don’t u think?
and you cannot be a skeptic unless you are very well versed in what you are skeptic about…

This is a satire, it’s meant to be.