The World Is Not Enough. Georgeism And Global Poverty.

Here in this thread we explore that timeless pressing existence of social inequality and poverty. Is there a solution to social inequality and poverty, or are human beings just damned to enslaving each other for all eternity? … socialism/

What Henry George says is pretty much accurate however I do see a problem with 7.1 billion people trying to divide land and resources amongst themselves in achieving their own prosperity. Seems like something is going to eventually give way…

if people keep thinking we can address the issues with the same mindset that created them, we are pretty much toast.

societies never became prosperous, it is a leverage illusion. The so called wealthiest countries have the biggest credit lines. Competition to get into debts.

an in depth analysis I wrote a while back, in 2014: Smoking Gun: Global Food Waste Debunks Overpopulation Theory And Humanitarian Aid … bunks.html

The title of the said article is: “Neither Capitalism Nor Socialism”. But it could also have been: “Both Capitalism And Socialism”.

For the capitalists Henry George was too socialistic, and for the socialists Henry George was too capitalistic.

I do not think that Georgism can successfully change the current globalistic structures, institutions, regulations (laws, rights). Changing the latter is just the basis for the success of the former. But beside that, I do not think that Georgism is the right solution of the current problems, especially the ecological problems which are merely solvable by strong prohibitions and restrictions, probably also accompanied by a new metaphysical system, a new religion and theism (the climate change as the new deity is already in the making). Either we relinquish or we die out. It is like: “comply or die”. But:

the problem is that speculation/profits cause and/or induce scarcity in the first place… slave wages/exploitation are/is needed to increase profits. Then comes the tariff/currency war destroying everything (either by hyperinflation or deflation) and sending us back to square 1 (protectionism and tightening up credit are the biggest traps when reaching that point)… and then here we go again. Her comes a new boom… paving the way for the next bust … that is why china is today on the brink of a major crash that could ripple through the world economy. Indeed, the chinese buying spree is going to end in tears. Lets prepare to see the rise of ‘tent cities’.

Poverty and seeking high profits go hand by hand. Empathy did you say? I have spent 10 years investigating mankind’s monetary history… patterns have not changed by one bit.

Georgeism might not have a solution to anything like all the rest of the socio economic models however out of all them it is the only one I think that properly addresses the problems.

What if we have no chance anymore to get out of the rationality trap in which collective rationality and individual rationality are in conflict? … ector.html

Isn’t it amazing how minorities enrich themselves at our expense Mannequin?

The Germans at this point might want to be weary of Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse however…

Yup! I think their days are numbered!

The muzzies are still at it!

The famous skyline with its banking district is pictured in early evening next to
the Main River in Frankfurt, Germany, January 19, 2016 (REUTERS / Kai Pfaffenbach):

Do you prefer the following picture?

Do you know the term “Brazilianization of the World” (“Brasilianisierung der Welt” - Ulrich Beck; cp. also Franz Josef Radermacher)?

This means that all nations of the world tend to have the same distribution of wealth that Brazil has. :astonished:

Here are some real examples from 2006:

The richest Finnish 20% have 35% of the Finnish income (GNP).
The poorest Finnish 80% have 65% of the Finnish income (GNP).
The richest German 20% have 40% of the German income (GNP).
The poorest German 80% have 60% of the German income (GNP).
The richest US 20% have 47% of the US income (GNP).
The poorest US 80% have 53% of the US income (GNP).
The richest Brazilian 20% have 65% of the Brazilian income (GNP).
The poorest Brazilian 80% have 35% of the Brazilian income (GNP).

Maybe that the richest Brazilian 20% have already 80% of the Brazilian income (GNP). So at last we will possibly see the following scenario in the world: 20% of all humans have 80% of the global income. So 80% of all humans have merely 20% of the global income. (Cp. Pareto distribution.)

But the “study by the central bank found on Monday, laying bare a wide gap between the richest and the poorest in Europe’s biggest economy” ( … ector.html ) says that “the top 10 percent of Germans have almost 60 percent of the wealth”, and that is not true.

I personally prefer the second picture…A lot of people would, it may surprise you or even disappoint you…more disappointed than this girl…

Yes Mannequin and Arminius, the second image of course.