The World Is Not Enough. Georgeism And Global Poverty.

The title of the said article is: “Neither Capitalism Nor Socialism”. But it could also have been: “Both Capitalism And Socialism”.

For the capitalists Henry George was too socialistic, and for the socialists Henry George was too capitalistic.

I do not think that Georgism can successfully change the current globalistic structures, institutions, regulations (laws, rights). Changing the latter is just the basis for the success of the former. But beside that, I do not think that Georgism is the right solution of the current problems, especially the ecological problems which are merely solvable by strong prohibitions and restrictions, probably also accompanied by a new metaphysical system, a new religion and theism (the climate change as the new deity is already in the making). Either we relinquish or we die out. It is like: “comply or die”. But: