The world's a stage (red or black pill?)

News is fake, the whole world is a stage. Everything you see in news is a lie.

Even true things become lies once they are processed through “news” and “media”. Once something becomes politically or financially relevant to government or huge corporations you can bet it’s never going to be truthfully represented again. Even the average red-pilled person underestimates the degree to which anything coming through news, government or corporate / social media is complete garbage. In fact a lot of it is worse than garbage, it is carefully crafted and designed malicious propaganda and mind-control as deliberate social engineering.

I have seen good people’s minds broken by the barrage of “fake news” or propaganda at the level of universities, social media, popular entertainment, and/or politics. These things are actually still taken seriously by most people. That’s truly remarkable, it is so rare to find a person who sees what is really happening.

You don’t need to pay attention to news or politics or anything of the sort. It is all BS. Just live your life. Heal your brain from this toxic mindpoison and you will be happier, healthier and a better person overall. You’ll certainly live longer for it.

I’ve noticed a lot of so-called truthers or the uber red-pilled simply move from one form of fear porn to another. From CNN to Alex Jones, from NPR to Mike Adams. But it’s all fear porn. “Left, right or center” it’s all fear porn, mind control and described accurately by Shakespeare when he said, “All the worlds a stage, and men and women merely players.” Do you want to keep playing this game, this stupid performance? Maybe a better question: can you stop performing on stage without becoming full black-pilled?

Of course you can. The key: live your own life, love your life and disregard anything that would harm it. By your life you should include the immediate sphere of your influence, family and close friends, work, ambitions, creative pursuits, leisure, etc. All of that stuff is YOUR LIFE and news/media/politics/garbage will only weaken and poison you against your own life. The black pill is only for depressives, isolated tards or incel types on SSRIs who spend 18 hours a day staring into a glowing screen and can’t figure out why their lives suck so much.

You don’t need to go down their rabbit holes. You only need to use your own two eyes and two ears and one brain to figure out what is true in this world while you live your own life. Simple, done.

Lately I think it’s fun to check different sources to see what they cover, how they cover it, similarities & differences & what might be motivating them. I haven’t delved into it & made it a science, but it would be cool to have a website dedicated to comparing & contrasting how the daily/weekly/monthly/seasonal headlines are being covered by various sources—preferably by someone who leans BOTH right & left in various ways.

Call it Counterbalance Headlines

or News Mosaic

So there would be a page per news item, show how each looks as a clickable headline to each source, little blurb below the headline showing where it stands relative to other sources. Do it free of indicating which way the mosaic/counterbalance leans.

The force of the evidence is strong or not. The mind examining the evidence is receptive or not. If done well, this will condition stronger, more perceptive examination.

do that in video & have a live news channel that shows up on my smart tv & i’ll kiss your feet^