The world's shortest fairytale

I wonder why this one wasn’t read to me at bedtime as a girl…

The world’s shortest fairytale

Once upon a time, a guy asked a girl “Will you marry me?” The girl said, “NO!” And the girl lived happily ever after and went shopping, dancing, camping, drank martinis, always had a clean house, never had to cook, had sex with whomever she pleased… did whatever the hell she wanted, never argued, didn’t get fat, travelled more, had many boyfriends, saved more money, and had all the hot water to herself. She watched chick flicks, never football, never wore fricken lacy lingerie that went up her ass, had high self esteem, never cried or yelled, felt and looked fabulous in sweat pants, and burped, swore, and farted all the time.



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I wrote this Tiny-FairyTale (well, in the most general sense) and it is not exactly without tragedy:

The love inside of the balloon:
This is a short story about one large balloon filled with love that a small child let go of and how it kept floating up, up, up into the air and everyone panicked for the child, for the balloon and for the love inside of the balloon. The child cried. People stretched arms high, clutched at the sky, in a last scrambled attempt to catch hold, but no one could bring it back down from the sky; it continued to float away, further and farther, higher up in to the atmosphere, escaping in to space where, like an illusion, it eventually popped.



the world’s shortest fairytail is on Puck’s ass…


Okay, Imp. I laughed.

I didn’t feel good about it. But I laughed.

A pleasing thread :slight_smile:


The Red Balloon, by Albert Lamorisse

If you said you wrote it, honey, next time make sure to make the balloon purple. :confused:

Bessy (circa 1951)
Red Balloon (circa 1956)

LA - made me laugh and want to make it into a bumper sticker.

Colin- Though i like Bessy have read it and actually saw the movie(the original). It still is good.

And Imp - Oh Imp, you are an Imp no doubt of that, an Impenitent Imp at that. I enjoy a good surprise laugh thank you.

What do you get when you cross Tinkerbell with Puck?

Said it once, will say it again - as soon as the Japanese get the Sex-Robot off the drawing-board… All long-term relationships are doomed.

[size=75]A toast to the happy couple.[/size]

I’m commenting on the fantasy that women (and men to some degree) buy into. You know the dream of the soul mate who will come along, the knight in shining armour who is going to solve all our problems. Right? Wrong. It’s a fantasy but not surprising it’s perpetuated from our earliest childhood experiences. It’s a construct. And this one is equally a construct and we can choose to believe in either or none.

It was never a petition to remove men from the world. That would be like shooting ourselves in the foot.


Betty, I did write it, never heard of Alber Lamorisse??

Are you claiming this is exactly the same??

Actually I’m glad you mentioned that
obvious a child with a balloon is an obvious
‘motif’ but I am sure the video is very different
from my shorter story

I have never heard of that film before.
My shorter story was not a copy - in no way.
[-X [-X

So cynical…I went and read the synopsis of the film…there is a very close similarity…which is actually reassuring…but there was no intentional copy…they end quite differently I imagine


Women are prone to changes in mood swings by the minute which is every man’s daily nightmare. That was bitchy and I am sorry for the snippy balloon behavior.

No worries…I am equally prone to being a woman… :smiley: …I was just a little shocked, your tone was one of dismissal as though all I had done was plagiarize. I admit, particularly after watching a clip of the French film, the similarity is overwhleming.

Makes me ponder the collective consiousness…i.e…how universal the image of a child with a (red) balloon is…my poem works in a very similar fashion to that film, though my piece takes place withn a few moments.

I am actually glad of the comparison: A kind of unconsious transcription of the film. I am quite encouraged…

If that, in fact, was written from your heart so many years later… that is quite amazing don’t you think?
(I wasn’t being sarcastic just then)[/size]


I said the same thing when they invented AA batteries… :laughing:

I swear upon my tiny naive spirit I wrote the Short Story a few years ago, along with four or five other Stories, with out ever knowing of or seeing the similarity with the film ‘The Red Balloon’…it is almost miraculous, uncanny that they should share such a parellel…It is quite encouraging too.

The only thing I can really say is that when I wrote that piece I was going for total simplicity and that the story would be ‘tiny’ and progress through a simple narrative. Child:like.

#-o :smiley:

Before we completely scrap the old-fashioned organic model woman (with naggingâ„¢) for the new, better take a look under the hood, see exactly what we’re getting ourselves into… Well, at least a small part of ourselves into anyway… :astonished:

Hmm. Don’t fancy yours much.

If nothing else can be said for women, at least they are fairly durable (even if maintainance costs remain high.)


Yeah just like men are prone to ‘not sharing their feelings’ or ‘sleeping with the secretary’ (every woman’s worst nightmare)

Take control Bess!

Read some Neitzsche. :sunglasses:



Go rent it this afternoon - you will absolutely love it.