the worse the worst

A magazine (who I won’t name for the moment)
has declared these cities the worse of the worst.

For brownie points can anyone say, WHY, these cities have
been declared the worse of the worst.
From bottom to number 1, the worst city, given over
several post.

So the bottom two are:
10. Seattle, Wash
9. Newark, NJ

So what do these cities have in common?


The next two cities in the worse of the worst catagory is,

8.Berkley, California
7. Madison, Wis.


Correct. the magazine is human events and
bill O’reilly is a frequent contributor.
The worse of the worst is the ten most liberal
cities in the U.S.

  1. Portland, OR

  2. Washington, DC

  3. Detroit, MI

  4. NY

  5. Boston, mass
    and the worse of the worst cities in the U.S. is

  6. San Francisco, CA.

yah, I don’t think so.


At least three of the six you list have been cited at one time or another as the “murder capitol of the US.” I think about 1,000 homocides per year occur between NY, Detroit & DC. Boston has a lot of violent crime, too.

Curiously, at least two of the cities you listed were named “Best City in America” in which to live in the past. As my own city was once listed as the “Best Small City” in America, I can attest that this is often followed by a sharp decline in standard of living as people flock to the area and despoil it. Call it “the Tragedy of the Commons” where easy access to a valuable resource causes it to be exploited to the point of destruction.

Ah, the irony: I live in Detroit; NYC is arguably the greatest city in the world; and Boston, Portland and San Fran are all cities I’ve looked into moving to.

Gotta hand it to those right-wingers, they sure know how to pick the good ones - even if they’ve got it ass-backwards.