The Worst Jobs You've Ever Had...

Even the deepest thinkers have to put food on the table now and then…

Just wondering what you’ve had to do in the past to make ends meet. :smiley:

For example, one of my friends at uni (a long time ago) took a part time job in a PVC clothing outlet and spent her time talcum-powdering fat sweaty people into ridiculously tight rubber suits. She became a cement chemist eventually, perhaps she was simply attracted to wierd occupations…

The guys here at ILP should answer this.

So, anyone of you have had bad “jobs”?


My “job,” which is carpentry, is an excellent job in terrible contexts.

I love everything about my job except for the politics of it.

On any given day I can produce $500 to $1000 worth of work (I’m like a well oiled machine at work), as it equates into square footage, but only get paid around $150 per eight hours of work.

This is why my boss drives the new Dodge and I drive my little 94 Nissan XT.

This is why my boss buys a new jet-ski after we finish a house, and I buy a new thermos.

Most definately the worst work ever ever is Call Centres.
Work there at your peril, your soul will be lost…
I’m serious, they are the most horrific places ever, you have to have the same conversation over and over and over again, no real time to think your own thoughts.
Worse still is the simple office politics of the place… Reading materials were officially banned, and were stricjtly enforced if you were reading a book or a broadsheet. But if you were reading a red-top or a glossy magazine the boss would read it with you, and probably take you off the line while they chatted and laughed about the articles…
Shame I never read such shit, and instead just got into repeated trouble for actually wanting to do something productive with the time between calls.

A close second, within my experience, is factory shift work. But the thing about factory shift work (i did 12 hour shifts) is though it’s hard gruelling work, it does have a lot to be said for it. It’s good exercise, you’re on your feet and active, and the people are generally MUCH nicer than in call centres, and there is good banter. Plus you could read whatever you wanted between jobs, and the line supervisor had a stereo that he played music on. I also liked the irony (it probably isn’t irony, but what they hey) of what my factory produced. Walls. For factories.
Having said that, it is very draining, and leaves you with little or no time to do anything else.

The other kinds of work I’ve done have generally been ok.

Many jobs have their hellish moments but the job that had the most of these was working at the dinning hall in my college dormitory. College attendees, at least at my college had some really crappy superior attitudes. There is nothing like being looked down at during mealtimes by the people whom you consider your peers during the rest of the day. Being treated as subhuman because you have a un-glamorous job made me quite angry. I often wished that everyone at the school had to perform temporary duty as a worker there, so they might develop a less haughty attitude.

I’ve worked some crappy jobs in my life, mostly as a kid. But I guess as an adult, the worst was probably as a collections rep for a credit card company. On the plus side, the hours were great (for the most part- 3 x 12 hr shifts, 4 days off in a row- but I had to work at 7:00 a.m. :astonished: ), and the money was great since I was very, very good at it. But as someone said earlier, you’d have the same conversation a hundred times with a hundred different fucking idiots. The CH’s were mostly scumbags, but really the bank was no better. So while it had some upsides I’d say overall that type of work kills you by inches.

My worst job? Waking up at 430 Am to travel 2 hours to paint high rise condo’s on the beach in winter, making 8 bucks an hour, 12 hour days, not getting back until 9 at night just to go to sleep to wake up and do it again. Hanging off the side of a building in a swinging stage at 120 feet in a 25 mph sustained wind while being afraid of heights didn’t add to my enthusiasm.

Phaedrus wrote:

During 1992-3 I temped as a baliff (imagine a hulking, 6ft, long haired guy shoved into an ill-fitting suit banging on your door early in the morning…) I was teamed up with my super-visor, an ex hydro-cephallic ectomorph, who made a point of shaving his head to better display a rather off-putting trapdoor scar on his scalp.

A typical morning’s work: Take a trip in super’s ford-transit (chosen theme-music “HMS Pinafore” - super was also a keen amateur-dramatist - with him [cringe] singing along) to some poor unfortunate’s small business, try to get into said place of business - arguements (super did the talking - I did the hulking and heavy-lifting), usually tears, and me carting off hi-fi’s and Tv’s, which were held as hostage for 3-months till re-payment of debt. If no-one was in we were officially allowed to enter the premises if any means of entry had been left open (sky-lights/cat-dog flaps etc…) I was frequently amazed at the contortionist skills of my leash-holder… :astonished:

pay - minimum wage (400 pounds a month) plus REALLY cheap electronic goods deals… :wink: duration 6 months… I got fed up of “3 little maids are we” :confused:

Not sure if they allow it any more, but paper boy at age 10 (till 13 or 14). Pay was shitty, and a little skinny kid like me (before my growth spurt and eventual “filling out” to FINALLY fit into my size 12 shoes…now I’m up to 14 wide…) had to go out many times per month to collect a few dollars from my many paper recipients. The only good thing about being that age (12-13) was my lack of regard for consequences (e.g., I’d see the “peep hole” turn dark and then light again in the apartments I delivered to, and they wouldn’t answer the door! So, I’d start banging away even harder, start saying rude things, etc…not really thinking of what would happen if they DID open the door at that point…and what about next time that they DID answer? Fortunately, these were the ones I had to eventually sic my “boss” on…some white trash jerk who was the scummiest, rudest person in the world…but he DID get the $$–made me come with him to see how it’s done… :unamused: :unamused: :unamused: :unamused: ).

The crappiest job i have ever had was moving lockers for my school (i had finished 9th grade and it was summer) with a kid that i would like to see hung from a really tall tree with a really skinny rope (it hurts more that way), eventually we got along but then my girlfriend cheated on me with him after i got fired for assaulting another kid that i had a bone to pick with. That was a really lousy job.

unfortunately for me, my worst job is the one that i have right now: i distribute junkmail… but it seems it is the only job that a student from eastern europe can get in italy… at least in trieste. it pays something like 2-3 euros an hour, depending on how much leaflets i put in postboxes. a decent wage here is 5 euros per hour.

i never believed that, being quite qualified in a field (computers) you still won’t get a decent job just because you are from eastern europe.