Theater Of The Absurd

Where the NATO? The NATO is a defensive alliance!

Is the NATO what you call the “theater of the absurd”?


Arminius, I don’t understand your questions. Can you please rephrase them?

So, I woke up today and it was only eight degrees outside during the day. Probably be negative fifteen degrees tonight.

Old man winter can suck my hairy nutsack.

I guess you mean this questions:

  1. Where the NATO?

  2. Is the NATO what you call the “theater of the absurd”?

  3. Why NATO?

  4. I am asking where the NATO is in that situation you showed from the Greek border, because the NATO was founded as a defensive alliance.

  5. If the NATO is no defensive alliance anymore, then it has no right to exist and is - for example - a “theater of the absurd”.

  6. The NATO is no defensive alliance anymore, and, economically, the US and the EU are deadly enemies! Therefore the question: Why NATO?

No, I call the entire world the theater of absurd as a matter of fact.

NATO is an extension of the United States military. The reason nobody is doing anything because it is all a controllable or managed preplanned arrangment to bring all of Europe to its knees. It’s all intentional and deliberate.

Yes, of course.


Another interesting day in the United States markets in correlation to the global ones.

Looks like the United States can’t keep it up concerning the market. Might I suggest some Viagra…

Limp dick market activity? Tsk-tsk…

Our poor old market just seems all puckered out.


Global Manufacturing PMIS



United States Manufacturing

Barclays Bank


So you’re saying that manufacturing has made a complete recovery since the big hit of 2009? Sounds pretty good.


If you read the chart correctly we’re right back where we were in terms of numbers before the economy took a nose dive in 2009 all over again.