Theater Of The Absurd

False. I have short term money and long term money. It’s about diversifying man. Mitigate that risk and what have you. I think you’re the one w/ a 1 track mind and that you’re essentially praying for the world to collapse. I’m fairly confident that’s not going to happen. I know that you know that the powerful have a lot of power, but I think you’re still underestimating them big time.

I underestimate nothing. Sure, they have a lot of power and money now but this won’t last forever.

In fact I would argue we can see that sliding and slipping away everyday.

I just think you’re so invested in the current system or paradigm that you refuse to see anything that might come across damming to the whole thing. They have control and power for now but like all things it can be lost in a blink of an eye.

Seems like the consolidation of power has been on a pretty steady upward trend for a really long time. Pointing to small fluctuations on the short term doesn’t really change that. So the gazillionaire class lost .5 percent of their wealth for 45 minutes during lunch yesterday and they had it back by 3pm…how does that show what you’re saying to be the case?

If you think that in your lifetime there’s ever going to be a time where things are a whole lot different than they are now, you’re probably going to end up disappointed. I mean, besides that, who really gives a shit about the state of the global economy? Isn’t it your personal economy that actually has an effect on the quality of your life? There’s nothing out there to stop you from increasing your freedom by increasing your assets. So why aren’t you trying to do that?



Onwards northwest, to be exact.

But are you sure that “this” is still the border of Greece into Macedonia? I mean: the Macedonians closed their border some weeks ago.

Oh, I am sure it is. The borders might be closed but they’re still finding ways in.

I specifically got that photo from a news agency and that was what it stated.

We’ll just see who is correct then the next two to four years by my calculation and others. :wink:

You know, not enough people give me credit as I do much more than what most realize. I just don’t publicize it all that much.

So the European media is lying. As always and everywhere. Okay.

There are three favorite routes.

  1. This is one route (the route you were talking about):
  2. This is another route (from Libya that has no state anymore):
  3. This is a currently less used route (Marocco has still a state):
    This three favorite routes have several reasons: (1) the first route (the route you were talking about) because of the fact that Greece is close to Turkey that is a “neighbour” of Syria where most of the so-called “refugees” come from or should come from; (2) the second route because of the fact that Libya has no state anymore; (3) the third route because of the Spanish territories in North Africa (Ceuta and Melilla). But the main reason is that the European borders are open - more or less (more more than less). They are not closed.

Joker, that’s a cheap move to just say, “we’ll have to wait and see”. Why not acknowledge the truth of what I said about the upward trend in the consolidation or wealth over recent history? The man is more powerful than he’s ever been. A few billion coming and going in a day is the normal routine. Hell the djia is up 7000 points since Obama got in office.

Again and again. An endless invasion.


So, yesterday I bought a copy of Plato’s Republic. I am really getting into this whole deconstructing NeoPlatonism thing.

Looks like they’re headed to Italy or Greece.

Wonder if there is any routes through eastern Europe via Turkey.

Because what you view as an upward trend in the consolidation of wealth over recent history I see printed money, exponential debt, hyperinflation, and massive currency devaluation. It’s an illusion of prosperity. A mirage.

Like all illusions they can only last for so long…


United States

From Turkey to Bulgaria and so on, yes, but I guess that the situtaion in Bulgaria is similar to the situation in Bulgaria’s neighboring country Macedonia.

Wouldn’t surprise me.