Theater Of The Absurd

Surviving on the streets with no income most of the time gives one a lot of extra spare time to pursue other interests or hobbies. Time passes much more slowly while everybody is caught up in the proverbial rat race.

It gives you time to become more prolific in hunting, fishing, trapping, and surviving under severe weather climates amongst the wilderness learning a variety of survival skills pushing yourself to your very limits.

It gives one the perfect amount of time strolling around any town asking yourself that if the area lost control where one might be inclined to set up a sniper tower or where possibly a machine gun ambush could be precisely put.

Does that building have tools and resources? What’s their security system or organization like put into place?

What’s the local police standard response time? What kind of arms do they possess in an insurrection scenario?

Is that bullet proof glassing? What’s the fastest way in taking that out?

These country roads and highways look like a perfect place for a highway robbery.

That’s the great thing about realistic imagination, the one thing they cannot take away from you. Sometimes I just think about these things days at a time. I have so much empty time on my hands.

I hate feeling sick. Those Mucinex pills work wonders however.

I am also dealing with a horrendous tooth ache and running out of anti biotic pills.

My usual preferred poison of smoking cigarettes help me numb away the pain.




That is surely the Queen’s best song.

Indeed, it is. ^^^

It’s been three days since I was sick. Slowly starting to feel better. I can still barely eat anything.

Ha Ha Ha, dig this: it is because only a whisper of metaphor, that mystery seeks a balm, the CURE is the band to listen to, listen to the ‘Saints are Down’.
Works every time , well most of the time.

Mystery was originally written as misery but changed it, because of a pre ordinal connection. Once that connection is unveiled, it gathers an added dimension, and motivation.

What about the old camel turkish jade? Those were both menthol and turkish.

You’re right, I should of said non menthol turkish tobacco.

Do they still make those?


In other news Deutsche Bank is undergoing structural financial problems where it could go the way of Lehman Bros before the next year out. Stay tuned to everything is Skittles shitting unicorns puking out rainbows where everything is awesome news with yours truly The Joker as your broadcaster.

Yesterday being that I am staying in town again I almost had to take this guy out with a metal baseball to the face.

I had to repeatively warn him what would happen if he challenged me. The guy around town is infamous for starting fights with everybody on the street and getting his ass handed to him every single time.

Some dumb people just do not learn I guess.

If he messes with me anymore it will end very badly for him.

Stayed in the cabin up in the mountains for one day and then had to come back to town again as a horrible snow blizzard came in the area. I ran out of wood and without the ability to use my landlord’s chainsaw that makes me shit out of luck in temperatures of -25 degrees. An axe simply won’t cut it anymore.

So, I am staying at a shelter here in town temporarily with the usual street rift raft getting various things done this week.

Today I’ll probably go to hospital for some more anti biotic pills I need for this ongoing toothache.

Good news and bad news as of late for myself.

The good news is that the wonderful state of Wyoming is going to pay for my schooling this summer.

The bad news is that they seem to want to do Jack - Shit in helping me find a job or viable transportation to get around in order to look for one. This puts me in a very vulnerable and desperate situation of course.

The plan now is to wait on my tax returns of a possible $4000.00 and buy a cheap affordable used car with it.

The only problem with this is that there is a good chance I have to wait another thirty five days to collect. sighs

Thirty five days of waiting where I am totally broke and pennyless not to mention also all out of tobacco or cigarettes. #-o

I am really looking forward to 2017, well except the fact of actually turning thirty years in age and that dreaded human condition also known as turning middle aged. =;

No, I am looking forward to 2017 because the global economy is really going to take a nose swan dive over a cliff taking the United States down with it. I hate this nation and the large majority of idiots that inhabit this place.

2017-2020, the years when the global dark age begins. I have nothing to lose and everything to gain…

I am so ready for blood to boil over into the streets. =D> I’ve waited such a long time for the opportunity to finally put my skills to the test.

The markets started this morning with massive selling of Deutsche Bank shares today.

Here’s to hoping for a European market collapse before the day is over. :evilfun: