Theory of relativity related to almost anything.

As Albert Einstien said “When you sit with a nice girl for 2 hours, it seems like 2 minutes. When you sit on a hot stove for 2 minutes it seems like 2 hours, thats relativity.” What I think about relativity is that it is a total perspective based theory mostly because of the fact that when two facts or events that contradict are compared basically they are related in such a way that when you see the two contradictions, the human sense of perception determines that these two different “things” are different and at the same time very comparitive. Also, relativity can be associated to the senses, such as if you are looking outside of a window in a moving object and the ground is "supposedly moving, but in reality it isn’t moving you are. Thats relativity with sight. Also relativity with facts such as the sattilite that was sent up by NASA or something which is relativity that is still used by perseption but is backed up by facts. Finally, there is relativity in the constantly moving universe which in there is relativity up from our bodies, to earth, to the earths axis around the sun, to the suns axis finally to the universe where relativity somewhat continues forever. Anyone could have figured out the theory of relativity, Albert Einstein just thought about it first out of the human race. I was wondering does anyone think this way also? Also am I bright for thinking this way? Is my thinking too advanced for a 13 year old?

Good, you’re keeping it up!

I always thought that there is a connection between everything, that everythng is interconnected fundamentally. This is one of the reason why I want to study philosophy, I want to find out what’s the connection between everything - the ultimate principles of the world. Not easy, believe me. I believe however, that if you treat philosophy like any nature science subjects, that is: always think evidence as the most significant, you will get there on day.

With relativity one must recognize that there is no “in reality thus and thus is moving”, as each perspective is equally valid. Only to someone in a specific perspective is “the ground moving”, but there are infinite perspectives in which the ground is moving and the “object” isn’t, and in which both are moving.

Relative motion is a reoccuring theme in science pre-Einstien. He just happened to be brilliant enough to see it on a grander scale, and for what it was.