Theory of the true nature of all physicality.

When disscusing something of a complex nature i find it is best to use the simplest terminology available to mind. So that is what i shall attempt.
Also i shall keep this short as it is a summary of a group of ideas and not the full account of the theory. Also i tend to write in a matter-of-fact fashion, however the views expressed are not iron and are subject to evolution.

The world and infact the universe is alive. Now i would not be the first person to indicate a similarity between atoms and solarsystems, But i aim to put a new spin on it, if you can excuse the pun. Now in this theory the subject of scale is as you can imagine an important one. What is not clear to me due to the size of my phisical body and its limitations is the scale difference between us (human bodys) and “the universal body”. However what is clear is the recognition of life and the pattern of existence. All living creatures to the knowledge of modern science grow. There may be exeptions but this is perhaps immaterial at this stage. All things grow. When a new cell is formed, in say, the skin on the surface of your hand, it grows. The big bang theory is now widely accepted and under the assumption of its truth, could not the big bang be compared to the birth of a new cell? Now i want to get back to the subject of scale. What is not clear to me is this: What amount of the universe has independent life.
By this i mean, for example: Your arm is alive but not independently.
Perhaps the universe is an arm, or perhaps it is one cell on the surface of the arm. This is what i mean about scale. When you jump over a hole in the ground you are jumping two different disstances: the distance between “point A” and "point B"in a streight line. And also the surface distance. which would be, “as the ant would crawl”. This analagy is supposed to draw a parallel to the consept of: A distant truth beyond the sciences waiting to be unified with what we know. If that description is inadequate… Think of the area in which you live. For example say you know your house and a 10 miles radius. You get on an airoplane and fly to another country and become familiour with a new dwelling and a 10 mile radius of it. Now you know these two places BUT you cant get from one to the other by reason. This is the problem i have been faced with, with relation to the problem of scale of the universal creature.

i will continue this later