There are not many things that are worse than...

Seeing your dog get hit by an SUV. :cry:

Today, I was pulling out of my driveway to go to the bank, and here comes my dog to go chase cars as usual. I pull out behind a guy on the road, and my dog chases him in the road until the top of a hill. About this time, a Yukon or something barrels over the hill at +50 in a 25 zone. The dog tried to get out of the way, but to no avail.

It rolled under the SUV at least three times before it got over it completely; it looked straight at me with the most…depressing, morose eyes, and collapsed. I stopped, pulled the dog out of the road, hoping to get it to the vet in time, but I knew it was fruitless, because they were all closed, and she had a cracked skull, ribcage and two ankles. There was nothing I could do. But she was still alive, motionless, but alive. As I sat in the cold, I watched the dog…“Wondering, fearing, doubting”…Everything grew silent. Horses from across the road came up to the edge of the fence; they knew what happened, they had that sense. They paid their ‘condolences’, and quietly trotted off. She was essentially a vegetable, breathing short breaths.

She couldn’t feel anything, yet at the same time, she could feel everything. There was nothing anybody could do. It’s illegal to euthanize an animal without a permit, and I don’t have enough money to bring her to an emergency vet. I had to sit there watching it slowly die. I couldn’t bring myself to put her out of her misery because I don’t have a gun, all I had was the shovel with which I dug the inevitable burial hole. Periodically, she would go into convulsions and spasms, the most lowly howling…It had lost all motor functions, and bodily functions. It defecated itself, constant drooling, blood covered its entire head, mouth, eyes, nose. It was deeply saddening, but…agh…

I stood there for four hours comforting the dog, until it finally passed on. A sharp breeze swept through right at that time, and chills, both kinds, went down my spine. As I buried her, I attempted to close her eyes, but it had already swollen so much that closing was impossible. I gave her an honorable and respectful burial; she’s been a damn good dog. As I looked around me, I saw her ever-lasting imprints into the ground at her last moments. Blood. Tears. Will to live.

She died doing the one thing she enjoyed: chasing cars. 11 years of fun, all of it ended today. I saw tears stream down her face as she used the last ounce of energy to lift her paw up off of the ground to reach out to me one last time. :frowning:

I’ll miss her. I already do.

Did the SUV dude stop?

Yeah. Except he didn’t know it was my dog.

He said: “Oh, s***. Do you know whose dog this is?”

I replied: “Yeah. It’s mine.”

He didn’t say much after that other than “Sorry”.

That’s terrible, A-bomb. :cry: At the very least she had a long life. Sorry you had to see that.

At least he stopped. That saves you the task of hunting him down.

I had to see my friend’s dog suffer a very similar fate chasing cars on the interstate about six months ago… it was one of the most horrible things I’ve seen. I’d never seen any person or animal die before and I was shaking for about half an hour… I had to tell him what happened, he wasn’t there. My friends and I used to hang out on that overpass all the time; I don’t think we’ve been up there since.

My sister’s dog got run over by a car. She really loved that dog, but he was only about 2 years old. She got a new dog and has had her for 13 years! Getting pretty old for a dog, but still pretty spry.

It would be bad enough seeing your dog run over but not being able to do anything while it was in so much pain, must have been horrible. Sorry you had to experience that, A-bomb. :frowning:


Sorry for your loss.

Yeah that’s bad times, man.

You have my sympathy.

Are you going to get another puppy or dog soon?

I don’t know. Actually, I found that dog 11 years ago under my porch on a real bad stormy night. I was sitting on the couch and I heard a whimpering outside, I looked and there it sat. Lucky I guess. I’ll just wait for another dog to get under the porch…except it’s solid brick now… #-o

A-Bomb, you have my heartfelt empathy. I know the situation too well. My condolences. May her memories warm you on a cold lonely night, may she enter your dreams and make you smile.