there is no purpose

there is no purpose to the universe or life on earth…the only purpose for us is what purposes we make up…

How do you reconcile these two ideas?

If God created the universe, then He did it for a purpose. Why even talk about God if you don’t believe in a purpose and you don’t believe in divine intervention? It’s much more efficient to completely take God out of your belief system in that case.

Now, it’s possible that the purpose had nothing to do with humans… that humans are the weeds in God’s garden.

i do not believe in a creator god…i don’t know too much about god…but i don’t see any purpose…my god did not create life on earth…

What does your god do?

I agree with that… until we reach a hierarchy of order, then a responsibility manifests that we cannot shake off our shoulders and we have to see it through.


I think that you can safely stop believing in that god and stop talking about it. Save yourself and others a lot of valuable time.

A god that does nothing… either does not exist at all or it would not be possible to detect its existence.

For something to exist, it must have affect.

my god is reality…whatever we find out…the ultimate reality of everything…

Why don’t you come out of the closet and say that you are an atheist?

please define atheist…im not in a closet…it is hard to describe my god…we are used to the fathergod…I don’t believe in the fathergod…if that makes me an atheist according to you run with it…but that is not what I believe…

That is “THE God” and the actual intent of the Biblical word “God”. The persona aspect is simply there because reality as a whole, behaves in any ways similar to a person and one can easily imagine a person demanding things of him as though he were the king of the universe. They were really talking about the Situation of existence, “Reality itself”. “The Situation demands of you…”. But no one can fully know their real situation, thus they need assistance. Prophets attempt to relay basic principles involved in everyone’s situation. But it is difficult to love merely “a situation”. It is much easier to think of the fundamental situation of all reality as a person and love it as though it were a father (a father being one who demands of you).

Jesus described himself as “the principles of how things work” and thus said, “follow me” and taught many examples based upon how typical things work, “I am of the Father (Reality)”. Other people argued to say that he is NOT how things work, things work differently than that.

Without gods.

very interesting interpretation james…

For me, it is difficult studying genetic determinism and evolutionary fortuity without imagining some sense of purpose.

…it seems mysterious but not a mystery…it looks like purpose but what does the science say…are you saying that a god directed all of the natural events in order to create humans…that would mean a god caused the catastrophes
that lead to the extinction of many life forms…ier come on

I find the Anthropic principle believable. But that’s just me. Can you make a distinction between determinism and teleology?

do you believe that evolution of life on earth proves that a creator god exists…do you believe that a creator god causes mass extinctions on earth…

Clearly death is part of the design. Creation and destruction are part of an endless cycle.

On the first question–yes. On the second–no. I’m waiting for your distinction between genetic deterministic occurrences and teleological occurrences. Does determinism imply purpose?