There is no such thing as "hating" - only "hate one's self".

These emotions we have. We’ve got to stop defining ourselves with them. They are faceless, structureless influences - nothing more.

Emotion will never be something - it’s only there to influence the shaping of something.

When we hate people, we live that hate - that hate goes nowhere and only rebounds upon itself.

I can understand why people say these things, but to let your body and mind rest easily in those type of words and their implications in communication is why evil is not the problem - it’s the good people that watches evil happen.
If I lived in a world of only hate, and a lesser form of hate,

I’d choose neither.

It’s an influence - we as people are more than an influence. We are the very process of life. We can make ourselves into anything we want. I’d much rather mold myself with the very side of the Universe that gives me the strength I have now than to side with the part of the Universe that held me down and made me see my own people as enemies.
The only enemy that can exist is myself.

People that choose to see me as an enemy - they are their own enemies.

You can’t make yourself an enemy then make someone into an enemy.

That’s saying someone can make themselves stupid and make others stupid.

It’s all in the beholder of life’s influences.
You cannot make anyone an enemy - that is only making one’s self an enemy.

This Universe is as violent as people can be. Yet we spite the people, when the Universe influences their madness due to their lack of conscious control.

It’s because people that hate like this are creating that hate from inside and projecting it on the outside.

There is no such thing as hating - there is only such a thing as hating one’s self.

That is the key to understanding.

What if, someone kills Your dog because it consistently keeps him awake by much howling at night. Do You hate Yourself for it?

One could only hate when they obsess over people/objects/concepts.

So we are not to hang on to emotions?

… such as numbers. 8-[

That’s all I read.

If they were stuctureless, there would be no valid reason to feel a particular emotion about a particular person or situation.

Emotions aren’t ‘things’. They are states of consciousness that can be felt and expressed. I certainly agree they influence our thoughts and behaviors.

What do you mean goes nowhere?

Only insofar as they exhibit what they hate about you.

If I hate myself because of a behavior of mine, I can hate someone else for exhibiting that same behavior.

You can convince yourself of something stupid, then convince others of that same thing.

It’s actually pretty easy to make yourself an enemy of a person you deem your enemy.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t an object, other than themselves, that they direct their hate toward.

This is a contradictory statement. There is no such thing as hating, but there is a such thing as hating oneself. Hating oneself is hating.

Life is built on the structureless world below the macro realm; structure came “after” the structureless, much like all life of a human being is built on a blank slate in terms of birth and all life is built on molecular forces in terms of why birth exists.

Hating one’s self is not hating.

It’s simply hate.

You can not turn hate into hating.

Because it’s in you. It lies dormant within you.

It was born in you.

We don’t say a fetus is fetusing out of a mother’s womb.

Therefore we don’t say hate is hating out of a Man’s corrupt mind.

Below the structured world means more than a fetal world, and if there is hate there implies that we are born with hate, like a bad seed carrying original sin. Or, in the jungle whence we have come, hate is inherently a necessary tool of survival in wilddom.

Nobody said hate is hating, as if hate is a ‘thing’ that hates. It’s not like a refrigerator that refrigerates. People feel and express hate, and that is called hating. In fact, the presence of hate implies that someone is hating, and something is being hated.

You don’t see how blatantly contradictory that statement is? That’s like saying being proud of oneself is not an instance of being proud.

And yet, hate has to be defined more clearly. The seeming anger, frustration expressed toward what becomes aware to that baby whose rage sometimes is not directed at anyone in particular, is an example.

Again another definition is required, is a baby a person, given that some persons never grow up? Apart from these finities, hate is an empty vacuous feeling. And why does hate has to be expressly directed toward someone or something? There can be hate generally as one who hates everything, mad, mad at the world.

I see that you’ve taken what I said out of context.

I said, specifically, that hate is an immovable force that is merely projected from what is born within. The point I was making was that hate cannot move, which you colloquially dispersed into a wild tangent that assumed wrong. Just like a picture being projected on the wall is not the picture, nor is it called picturing. It’s called projecting.

It will forever “seem” contradictory, as long as your “context” is wrong.

Everything is something, as is the world.

I’m not talking about projecting. Projecting a picture is an instance of projecting. Hating the picture is an instance of hating. Hate is not just projected, it is also expressed and felt.

Where does the picture come from? The projector.

Where does hate come from? The projector (person).

   That's debatable. The world may not be a thing, 

it may be all things, but mostly it’s nothing. The
whole world consists mainly of empty space, comparable of the space between orbiting electrons and the nucleus, and only 1% of the universe is matter. The other 99% is dark, or empty. May that emptiness consist of much more repulsive energy, than attractive?

that’s the thing. You talk about hate as if it can only be projected. I’m telling you it can also be felt and expressed. We have a word for when somebody expresses or feels hate. That’s called hating. psychological projection is something different entirely.

Side stepping the fact that your reply is both a straw man and irrelevant, do know many people who hate on the atomic level?

The ability to personify hate is no different than the ability to personify death.

I fail to see how your reply relates to anything I said.