They shall behold my mastery

We are expecting storms around here this evening. I shall attempt to cast rolling thunder. I will let you know if I’m successful.

where’s here?

Do you really think I’ll tell you that?


I love the internet. I mean… Where else…?

Did ILP turn into a RPG? :wink:

I suggest you start with spelling, Mr. Sorceror.

Merlo may have been a previous member since he managed to get ‘evil sorceror’ changed by a mod right away with the few posts he has to his credit.

Mundane in the purest form but we need more babble

[size=150]All right! Bona fide level 36 sorcerer in the house![/size]

(By the way Pandora, what’s wrong with his spelling? :confused:)

Edit: Just noticed the spelling in his title.

We haven’t had any rolling thunder around here in a while.

I will let you know that the storm is yet to eventuate, and probably won’t.

oh cool, updates from planet x.

I suppose your cat’s outside playing with butterflies or something…