Things people don't know about me

I thought it of interest to list things people don’t know
about me.

I am very funny. I am the guy who makes the jokes and
keeps things light. Never meet a bad joke I didn’t make.

I am a jock. I am fairly athletic (or was before my spinal injury)
I’ve played baseball, ran cross-country and track, done a marathon,
I taught swimming and coach soccer/football, on two separate occasions
I backpacked for a week in the Sierra’s, I played softball and tried Golf
(which I hated)

I own over 4000 books. If I any tech skills, I would take a picture
of my closet and the hall closet and show the book shelf in both closets.

I am a fanatic sports fan. I watch sports on TV more than anything else.

I have cats although prefer dogs…

I love hot sauces. I make buffalo wings every chance I get
and usually make my own sauce with Franks hot sauce as my base
and I throw in 2 habanero’s to spice it up.

I have a very stable work record. 3 jobs take up over 30 years of my working

I was born into wealth and by age 10, we had nothing and needed
food programs to eat.

I once lasted 3 weeks on a big jar of peanut butter and nothing else
because I had no money.

I am addicted to Dr. Pepper.

In one stretch, we moved 16 times in 13 years. all this before I was 20.

I listen to mostly jazz and new age music but in my car going to work, I listen
to a local alternative or rock station. I will listen to most music except country and

I own over 25 hats of various kinds like fedora’s and wool hats.

I own 20 or so Hawaiian shirts and wear them every chance I get.

I love science fiction movies and TV shows and in London, I will go to see a real
live big blue police box which is next to the Earl’s court metro station.

I have listed some things you may not know about me.
maybe list some things people don’t know about you.


Well done for not listening to country music.

My least favourite genre of music… whining to a beat… how novel.



What’s compelled you to be so “revealing?”

K: it seemed like a good idea at the time.
I am rather fearless like this. I will tread where angels
fear to go.


Have you ever urinated in a public swimming pool before?

K: I haven’t been in a public pool in many, many years. I actually don’t recall,
I may have, I just don’t remember after 20 plus years.


Thank-you Peter for your candid honesty. You’re definitely treading where angels don’t typically go today.

I commend you being honest about urinating in the pool. Everybody does it but nobody wants to admit it publicly.


I was very athletic too, but not much of a team player. Do enjoy watching hockey in an arena.

Thank you for offering an unsolicited solicitation of new-age desperation…full of those self-describing diatribes, that wash away the bogs of polluted everglades, leaving behind the scent of impressive perfume, like stories told to children with no experiences, to cause a stir, because nothing else about you will do the same, other than stain a pristine image of you.

When one discloses, without being asked, I sense a need that is not lost in the odoriferous essence of a host of ghosts.

Rest assured, we see you as you want us to.
Nothing more is revealed, other than what flatters…wanting to be admired.


K: I see words but no thoughts. Just rambling without understanding the words
you use.



Don’t all the sock puppets get burned out? No, they don’t make sense, just rambling more than I do.

[quote=“Maniacal Mongoose”]

I was very athletic too, but not much of a team player. Do enjoy watching hockey in an arena.:

K: I am most of all, a baseball fan. while I will watch hockey or basketball on TV, rare I ever
get out to watch a game in person. The only team I watch in person is the SF giants and that is
because the train station on both ends is close to the ballpark and my house.


My friend got us free hockey tickets from a radio station and it was exciting. That’s how I came to be a fan.

Peter, do you collect belly button lint and then save them into a jar collection?

I have. Lmao. Everyone does, everyone!

I used to be into sports, could of joined the football team but just didn’t, I am kind of like the jack of all trades.

I work at Nordstrom building services and will probably advance to maintenance someday before finding something else, maybe SWAT after some college.

I am from Las Vegas, NV. I live in Oregon now.

I use to live in Portland, Oregon for half a year.

Reno, Nevada is great. I visited a whore house there on two separate occasions.

I live close to portland, like on the brink between portland and milwaukie. Yesh, Nevada is something.