Things which Christians cannot reconcile

God doesn’t do anything
If God exists, he/she/it doesn’t appear any different than if God didn’t exist at all. How does it serve God’s agenda to appear no different than if no God existed?

Something can’t come from nothing
Christians use the argument that something can’t come from nothing to support their assertion that a God exists. This means they believe all “somethings” must have come from other “somethings” as opposed to coming from a “nothing”. However, this suggests they believe that what humans and the universe came from is classified as a “something” and not a “nothing”. Since Christians believe everything came from God (the “something” they are referring to), then their argument defines God as a “something”. But they are quick to contradict themselves by saying that God did not have a creator, meaning they believe God did not come from something.

Someone who is alive couldn’t have previously been dead
If Jesus rose from the dead and became alive again, then he couldn’t have been dead in the first place

Problem of Evil
Why is God not held to the same moral standard as man? If God knows the future, can do anything, cares about us all and loves us all (as Christians say), then why didn’t he alert the folks of Haiti that there would be a massive earthquake which would kill some 200,000 people and destroy their largest city? Perhaps he could have saved thousands of lives and averted the pain and suffering a lot of loved ones had to go through?

If you were standing on a bluff 200 feet above the ocean, you knew a tsunami was coming in and saw some people on the beach, it would be your moral obligation to alert those people below that a tsunami was on it’s way and would kill them if they didn’t get to higher ground.

Yet God is not expected to alert the folks of Haiti that a deadly earthquake is about to occur? Seems like God doesn’t follow the same moral standard that we are expected to follow.

Omniscience and omnipotence are inherently contradictory
Christians say God can do anything (omnipotence) and knows everything (omniscience). If God can do anything, then he can make choices(example, can choose A instead of B); If God knows everything, then he’ll know what choices he’ll make for decisions which haven’t been made. (example, he knows he’s going to choose A instead of B); If God can do anything, then he can choose either A or B, meaning he could choose B even though his knowledge when the state of the choice was “unmade” was such that he would choose A; Therefore, if God cannot choose B because his foreknowledge told him he would choose A, then he cannot do anything or lacks omnipotence; And if God does choose B, as an all-powerful being could, then his prior knowledge that he would choose A was wrong, in which case he is not all-knowing or lacks omniscience.

Why did God appear to so few people & for such a short time?
If the Christian God had such an important message to send to mankind, why did he appear in only one small geographic region, to only a small amount of people and over such a small period of time?

If God knows everything, then he would know about man’s inclination to think rationally and use reason to resolve the unknown. Thus it raises the question of why God didn’t appear to mankind over a greater period of time (perhaps various times over several thousand years), over a wider geographic area (perhaps locations scattered over the entire earth) and to more than just a few thousand people?

Things which Mutcer cannot reconcile

The things he wants to promote as unresolvable issues (by ignoring all responses that resolve them).

The Holy Jihad continues…

#2 and 3 are really not as good as you think. This is coming from an atheist who usually agrees with you.

#2 is weak just because nobody really knows if that’s true or not. Even scientists in fact sometimes think physical somethings can come from nothing.
#3 is weak because it’s just pedantic at best. If it is, in fact, true that one can’t be technically dead if one later comes back alive, then all you’ve put on them is you’ve made them come up with a new way to describe what happened – Instead of saying “He died and came back alive” they could instead say something like “His brain and heart stopped functioning, and then 3 days later they started again.” Problem solved. Christians win that one.

You missed the essence of the argument. For more, go to viewtopic.php?f=5&t=178943

Then their whole propaganda of Jesus dying on the cross would have to be rewritten. For more on this, go to viewtopic.php?f=5&t=178624

I know it’s hard for you to see, but #3 really, really isn’t going to convince anybody. It’s weaker than you realize. You’d do good to drop it. I won’t argue about #2 anymore, because I could be mistaken, it may be a good argument (I doubt it, but maybe), but #3 is completely powerless and it debases the rest of your list to include it in there.

Like, if you went to a website claiming to have lectures on science, and you found a list of science lectures, and the list goes:

  1. How Quantum Mechanics works.
  2. The theory of Relativity.
  3. Why Evolution is a lie.
  4. The second law of thermodynamics

If you saw that list, you’d see #3 and think, ok, well whoever compiled these lectures probably isn’t representing science. They’re probably just a christian nutcase, so let’s just avoid the site altogether.

If someone sees #3 on your list, as well, they’re going to have a similar reaction. You’re just an over-eager atheist, using every piece of ammunition you can get a hold of, even if some of them are just blanks.

Point well taken. I’m interested in what other non-theists think about it.


Why won’t God heal amputees?
No matter how many people pray for an amputee to have a limb regrow, why is it we know it won’t happen?

Everyone knows the answer to that one: all amputees are immoral sinners. God wouldn’t let a good Christian lose a leg in the first place, so no need to heal them.

By that logic, all church-going, Bible abiding, non-sinning Christians who happen upon something unfortunate in their life are also immoral sinners!