Things you confused that are better that way

Perhaps “better” is too strong a word, but we all have gotten various things confused in our lifetimes. Sometimes, these confusions can be downright hilarious and other times, they can appear better than the original.

My example is more along the lines of “hilarious”. I was talking with an old friend about musicals and during the course of the conversation, it became apparent that I had forgotten the real ending of “The Sound of Music” and had, in my mind, replaced it with the ending from “Cabaret”. Makes a certain amount of sense, right? Both deal with WWII and Nazism. So as the Von Trapps are driving away, instead of singing “Climb Ev’ry Mountain” there are a bunch of Nazis singing, “The Future Belongs to Me”. Actually, it looks like that is a misremembering as well, since wiki tells me that “The Future Belongs to Me” appears at the end of the first act, unless it is part of the Wilkommen reprise. Been a while since I’ve heard it, as you may well have guessed.

This is especially funny since the version of Cabaret that he and I worked on together (I was a tech, can’t sing worth a damn) had everyone get gassed at the end. So the happy-go-lucky Van Trapp family and the happy-go-lucky “Sound of Music” ended on a rather disturbing note in my mind . . .

…I just gotta say, your quip to me the other day, “Mind clarifying a little?”, was right up this alley! :laughing:

I used to mix up the lyrics to ice ice baby and can’t touch this.

I have more than once been drunkenly confused about which women are attractive. Sometimes that confusion is better than clarity. At least at the time.