Things your Grandpa might say

I’ve noticed lately that the older generations have hilarious phrases that they use. I was hoping that everyone could contribute to what they can remember so that I can use them in the future and impress chicks :sunglasses:
Here’s a few so everyone knows what I’m talking about.

“Its a giant shit sandwich, and we all gotta take a bite”

“Excuses are like assholes, everybody has got one”

my pawpa just sings and whistles while walking or working or any moment he is not talking.

My grandad is a fat irishman, his drank and smoked heavily since he was young so its kinda hard to understand much he says anyways. He is the only thing that makes me look forward to being old. His philosophy is “your young and stupid, shut up! while i shout some more drunken abuse.”
for one (like him) you can pretend your deaf! as not to listen to young people or women or people you generally dont like; treat men like dogs and women like goddess’s, such as, oh… he comes beauty and the beast. With this attitude you can have played football professionally, worked all over the world, be known still by all in the local pubs when you return for a visit, make your grandchildren personal slaves and go for your annual holiday to Cyprus for cheap cigarrettes and drink.

Dont forget your plastic carrier bag :stuck_out_tongue:

Your grandpa is jjj?

  • ben


that guy was so funny, what happened to him? did he finally leave for good?

too bad he didn’t have time to teach the ignorant young person that i am about how to acheive his quality of life…



Touche, Ben, Tou-fucking-che. That was brilliant.

My grandad hums a lot. Something else funny he did was write a card to me and my mother and sign it dad (grandad) and kim (kim), as if the dog had two separate names- both of which just happened to be kim :unamused: :laughing:

I still run into triple j. yeah I admit it.
jjj now resides in a different forum under a different name, where he is up to the same old, same old. He is one of a kind I tell you.

I had one granddad dead before I knew how to be concious, and the other one is somewhat of a playboy, who has created over 60 off spring in his life time, and still going. I really don’t talk to that guy either. Even though I think he is the man! I assume you have to be, when you are 80 years old and have a child with a girl who’s 17.

MY Pa-Pa is 84 going on 85 and one of the funniest and liveliest people i know.

God invented whisky to keep the Irish from taking over the World.

on a hunch, i checked out your forums smooth. so jjj is there now? that must be interesting.