Think for yourself, question authority.

So you walk around all day doubting all the communication you hear and read. You never simply believe Jimmy wanted you to check the figures on that file, you spend time doubting what you heard was what you heard and further what Jimmy meant.

You never believe that you have evaluated something well and trust your evaluation, but doubt your evaluations of your interpretations of what people say.

You doubt your own epistemology.

You doubt your own evaluation of your doubting. You considered, after reading Uccisore’s last post, if you really did always doubt, then decided that you did doubt, rather than believe, and then evaluated this evaluation, since you doubted that one also. After infinite time (or is it like the hare, simply infinite fractions of time that add up to one) you wrote your response to Uccisore and caught up with the tortoise.

If your wife asks for the salt, you actually ratiocinate before reaching for it, since she might have said ‘too much salt’ or ‘is that all?’

I cannot imagine what reading a newpaper would be like for you, always having to build from the bottom up again, since past evaluations of what Congress is and does, for example, that you made back then, may be incorrect. You cannot simply believe in your memory and past conclusions you made, you have to doubt these, each time a topic comes up, because those past evaluations you made may not have been as correct as they seemed, back then, or your memory has distorted them.

How do you find time for anything other then the mind bogglingly complex, endless process of reading even the first article?

Or is it that if once in your life you analyzed something, you know you did it write, and you can believe in your past analysis?

And just to be clear. There is what you know, which is correct, period, and everything else you doubt. Two immaculate categories, separare Boolean spheres, no overlap and no other categories.
I can see, given that, why it would be so hard to reevaluate what you have stated in the face of criticism.