Think for yourself, question authority.

Such people like certain ILP members can be successful, and the main reason why they can be successful is (a) that they merely have to repeat their texts again and again, (b) that they get attention (!).

Probably you remember the follwing conversation:

During my study at the university I have met many types of students who were back then exactly like the said certain ILP members are now. It is their ideological conceitedness that makes them so cocksure and ignorant, so that they do not only appear like stupid people but really are stupid people. You do not really have to care whether their incapacity is based on genetic defects or on ideological defects, because the effect is the same old stupidity as ever.

So we have two options of reacting to them legally:

  1. Applying their methods too, especially by repeating our texts again and again.
  2. Divesting them our attention by ignoring them (consequently, of course!).