Think Ive been completely stood up by 5 people.

Took me a hour to travel into town, another hour within town to the cafe for ‘The Nature of Gothic’ discussion and nobody showed up. Just me and this poorly made pastrami sandwich.

…could have been worse, then again… things always can :confused:

Forever alone…

No, I got a electrical engineer in after a while of sitting there alone. We had a talk.

Since the island pussied out, I guess any discussion ranging on similar discussions that would build upon this is out of the question. I was pondering discussing buckminister fuller, stephan wolfham, and Nietzsche’s theory of art and race, and Jay Hambridge as a offshoot of tjis discussion later on.

Think people just want metotalk about Zikek and Baudtillard. Ill do it, but I gotta make sure we cover their precursors first. I cant hope to have a meaningful conversation about Nietzsche without Schropenhauer, Max Stirner, and Marx’s German Ideology and Feuerbach at the very least covered… but even with just one, such as svhropenhauer, you have to discuss Plotinius and the Katha Upanisad and Baltisar, as well as several rhetoricians and delve into Akbar’s dynasty… Marx you have to hit not just Hegel but also Feuerbach and Clausewitz and Adam Smith…

I think their bright idea for a hard hitting book club discussing a new text once a week was too over the top for them. One of the guys in my group was in a New York City philoophy group and new three guys who had a exclusive hard hitting group doing just that… I gave one free online book easily bought if a paperback was needed and it was bust after a month.

I knew it would come to this. He and his wife were the first to chicken out. I envy the Trancedentalist movement for knowing how to cobble a few great minds together and create a philosophy movement in a small new england suburb. I find myself stuck with the same size core group of repeat bored offenders as in San Francisco. Only 5-6 hard core returnees, rest random people.

Bored out of my mind. Deleuze was wrong about the whole Island essay. They try harder to be like others far away. Less autonomy and potential for genius to arise. Food supply continues to dwindle here on these islands everyday. Pacific tensions increasing. I need to reexamine my strategy here. Failure isnt a option viable for the long term here. Someday, this island will be cut off and will be forced into misery and starvation. My inadequacy as a thinker is costing people their lives and comforts needlessly. Need to do this one better.