Thinking about the END OF HISTORY.

The end of History will be AD, (After the DNA Machine.) After this age, a new era of happiness and prosperity will begin.

The ways to make money that produce nothing are increasing.

Would you mind describing how your “DNA Machine” works?

Yes, and this has been becoming a dictatorship of inflationism, especially since the 15t of August 1971 when the US president Richard Nixon reversed the gold backing. This is just a bastard economy.


The bank of England sold quite a lot of its gold because it was no longer needed as a basis for money. I expect American banks done the same. Its like free money! They first make the value of things upon the worth of gold, then keep the worth and sell the gold lol. I noticed that the Chinese are big on buying gold, which is jolly good of them muhahaha. All the west needs now is to get their hands on the Chinese money markets so they can drain all the wealth back, the Chinese however can see that coming hence keep stopping it.

How will that end?

That will end catastrophically.

The cultural world as an enclosed simulation or matrix separate from nature and evolution?

The end of human history?

An extrapolation of entropy in terms of human civilization concerning its own demise perhaps.

Ridiculous religious notions aside it sounds like to me existential decline and stagnation due to lost momentum concerning various collapse scenarios. There are indeed multiple scenarios in which modern civilization could indeed collapse.

Human nature doesn’t change.

Transhumanism essentially means the end of social organization so there’s that also and I definitely would classify that as the end of human history.

The symbiotic relationship between human beings and nature was effectively destroyed with the birth of civilization.

As I view it the last man is one that has all of his humanity, freedom, independence, and individuality stripped from him within the oppressive artificial confines of civilization overtime.

There will come a time in the not too distant future where an advanced technological artificial civilization will do just that especially with the emergence of the technological singularity known as A.I.

What of oral tradition?

History is built upon the presumption of progressivism.

The past and present are human constructs. Instead there is only the present reality of what is…

The guiding influence of all that is authority or government controlling the metanarrative public perception especially in terms of history since both write it for the rest of us.

Today we have the idiotic belief of transhumanism manifest destiny for our entire species as a whole. The more things change the more they remain the same.

Hey, Joker, 12 posts behind one another! =D>

Yes, as you know from some of my other posts that I am saying almost the same. The Greek-Roman culture collapsed after it has become a civilization in a Spenglerian sense (perhaps you remember what Spengler wrote in his main work). Long before that collapse the same happened, for example, in Egypt, much later also in the region of the Mayas, for example.

He does not know much about history.

Yes, of course. But transhumanism is not needed when it comes to the end of history.

He does not know what that means, and he knows almost nothing aboout history.

And, by the way, what he and many others also don’t know is the fact that there is a difference between evolution and history.

So again: I am talking about the end of history not about the end of evolution. The “Last Man” is indeed an example of a man after history, but he is not an example of a man after human Evolution (this would be a contradiction). Androids are no humans but will probably replace all humans, thus will bring the end of the human evolution.