Dear all,

This is my final post at ILP. I do not want to be associated with this board. I have decided to write this post to alert those who are unaware of what kind of policy that this website adheres to, and strongly urge many of you to reconsider joining, or remaining a member.

A post in the Rant House, under the thread “Slavery Reparations” was made by abgrund on Thursday November 18, 2004 (5:57 am):

Nearly all slave taking was done by African tribes, which raided each other regularly even in the absence of a slave market. What these tribes did with their captives, when they didn’t have a market for them, was to use them as human sacrifices or to eat them. Those fortunate enough to be purchased by Western slave traders escaped this fate, and were therefore not harmed by slavery.

If any descendant of slaves wishes to redress the wrongs of the past, the appropriate form of compensation would be to have themselves made into long pig cutlets.

I’ll take mine with mustard, no mayo.

The moderators feel that this post is simply “uniformed.”

There is a lot of uniformed talk that occurs here. A lot. Certain members have been banned for being uniformed. Warrior Munk comes to mind. Somehow, uniformed posts and those that are also hateful, racists and evil in intent are lumped in the same category as, say, attributing an automatic equivalence theory between a right and a duty. Claiming an animal-like status of members of a different race and then expressing a desire to eat them does not carry the same weight as mixing up Descartes’ ontological and causal arguments for the existence of God.

But the moderators of this site feel that they are of equal weight.

No moderator has explained to me WHY they take this stand, or what reasoning they used to get there. I have pm’ed all, none have given me a reason why they have made this decision. Ben just informed me that they have.

I understand that a former member of the board is no longer a moderator because he made comments that are anti-Semitic in nature. It is a shame that this intolerance for discrimination is applied in only a selective nature. I would hope that the toleration of any hate, towards any group (even if you are not a member) means that all other groups suffer, the human race suffers.

This post is most importantly meant to establish one thing – that all posts made by me were done so as my contribution to this site. I stand here ashamed that I have been associated with this site. I want no such recognition, nor such acknowledgement. I need to make this very clear.

I regret coming to this site, posting on this site, and having my name appear on this site. This post is meant as an explanation and a renouncement of such actions.

– Trix

They can be blamed of being incompetant, no more. Refer to ben’s explanation of the nature of the setup of this site in the help and suggestions forum.

However, the rant forum comes with a disclaimer. Not only that, but in the UK freedom of speech that does not incite violence is celebrated. It’s very important to England that one can say what one thinks as long as what one thinks does not intend to incite violence.

Slavery is obviously one of your buttons but for example, one of mine is vegetarianism. I do not post like you have when someone posts an exact sentiment but regarding the murder of animals.

And as the good philosopher I know you to be, I am sure you are not about to try and tell me that slavery is somehow of more moral importance than the senseless killing of millions of animals ‘just because’.

I am assuming you think the moderators should have deleted and banned. However, let the forum mock his post, ridicule his name and shun him. That way, surely, we are simultaenously doing the right thing with regards to his freedom of speech, and doing the right thing with regards to identifying him as an ignoramus.

I agree with oxford, I appreciate the freedom of speech that this site promotes. I definately don’t agree with abgrund’s post I think it was not even founded in any fact. My guess is that Abgrund was trying to rub someone the wrong way, and with you, he succeeded. Don’t let him get to you, if you feel your BP rising after reading a post just walk away and remember it’s just an anonymous forum and he would probably never talk like that in real life, probably doesn’t have the balls.

This is a little off topic, but we should get a spell checker for ILP…in remembrance of Trix’s better moments.

Thank goodness we have moderators who believe in FREE SPEECH. Offensive or not. Censorship is NOT the answer. Open debate IS.

Keep up the good work, Mods and don’t let whiny P.C.ers shut down this forum with their Big Brotherism.

Libertarians Unite! :laughing:

Trix, you and AofW would get along fine, believing that these forums are no such place for true philosophy to be argued correctly.