This Is For Gobbo... And Whoever Else Interested...

It probably won’t do much to change the world or even the U.S.A., but it’s a start…

…check the bottom for the listing of some notable names supporting what looks like a small but active movement.

I’m very interested… in the propaganda.

  1. What lies?
  2. War is always murderous.
  3. We don’t need anyone’s permission to wage war. There is no illegitimacy issue.
  4. Of course we have other countries on our sights: N. Korea and Iran, for starters.
  1. What definition of torture is applied?
  2. If they are justifying it (suggesting it is justified) then what is the problem?
  1. Deporting illegals? Deporting possible terrorists?
  2. Provide examples of “merest suspicion” and percentages of overall population.
  1. Christian fundamentalism is preferable to 90% of all other options.
  2. Would you prefer a cruel and inhuman State to rule?
  1. Economic data sheet, including hard projections of the “terrible price”.
  2. Since when to future generations not inherit much of what their forefathers sowed?
  1. Proof about birth control.
  2. When you say abortion, you mean “murder unborn children”.
  3. Why have abortion? Because some do anything to avoid personal responsibility.
  1. Greed is being used like it’s a bad thing.
  2. Intolerance is being used like it’s a bad thing.
  3. Ignorance is what the people want.

I have an idea, let’s give control of the country to surrender monkeys…



I can’t help but wanting to agree with you, but the bottom line is - we can judge all we want but we are just pawns in a much larger game. We all like to think we understand what is going on, but we probably don’t. Just like when I was around eleven-years-old playing with my dolls when the Bay of Pigs was happening. Just laughing, playing and waiting for my peanut butter and jelly. We are clueless to CIA, conspiracies, terrorist activities – all of it - we simply don’t have a clue. I respect you both, but I honestly don’t think you know.

Not to mention, it doesn’t give me a whole lot of confidence that your supporters are filled with Hollywood stars. I have said it here before: I want to be a Democrat, dammit (in theory) but I don’t know if I see it anymore. Anyone who loves Bush worries me, but I think he may be as stupid as a fox.

What we are exposed to in our media shows us nothing. We are in the dark.

To be fair, those who’ve been taken in the dead of night to be beaten, tortured and deported are foreigners, not Americans. :slight_smile:

BTW, I was surprised to see the names of some of the usual suspects missing from that list.

What WMD?


I signed the petition, but I thought it was it a petition
to deport bush to venezuela. Oh well.


So we only have two options? #-o


Well you certainly got what you wanted – you greedy, greedy man. :laughing:


People need to learn how to make a website that doesn’t instantly scream “I AM A PSYCHO, GO ELSEWHERE” the second you log on. I mean, I’m no web designer, more of a web consumer, but I know crap when I see it. I don’t even care what this guy has to say. Reckon I’ve heard it before, anyhow.

A petition? No, when you click that link it does right to a file at the NSA. Each day they set the list on Bush’s desk. :evilfun:

My previous post really didn’t do the issue justice, let me come at it from a more universal language.


:astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :^o :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

As we SPEAK thousands of LIBERALS ARE FILLing the world with their lies, using the horrors of BLOCK TEXT, pictures of the world blowing up, and .gif of the President’s face morphing into Hitler’s, or perhaps that of a chimpanzee.


Thousands of people from all walks of life and political views are waking up to the horror of CRAPPY POLITICAL WEBSITES and DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT. All you need to do is

[htmlstuff] click here [/htmlstuff]

and the dozens of people who view this site every week will know that YOU are taking a stand against sub-par website design. Don’t let THEM control what we see on the internet!!!


I like the idea.

The wheels are definitely starting to turn.

Peter Kropotkin"]I signed the petition, but I thought it was it a petition
to deport bush to Venezuela. Oh well.

PHaedrus: A petition? No, when you click that link it does right to a file at the NSA. Each day they set the list on Bush’s desk."

K: OH PLEASE NOT THAT. He probably can’t read the list anyway.
Besides I have a very large file on me anyway.
I think they started one when I went to the
an anarchist convention in San Francisco in 1987 (maybe)
There was actually a white van parked out in front that
was trying to be subtle but they were taking pictures of
everyone who went into this convention. After the first
day, everyone would walk by the van which had the same two
guys in the front sit and we would wave at the van.
Help them get a better picture of us. And that was
almost 20 years ago. I am sure the file is really, really large
by now. When the village idiot begins filling his American
concentration camps that are in Montana, Nevada, dakotas
and Wyoming, I shall be one of the first to visit one of those
fine facilities.


Oh, don’t worry Kropotkin- he’s got a special stack just for you. An’ he don’t have to read it, it’s full of pictures. :wink:


I hope you’re kidding.

Bush is a public speaker, that’s literally all he does.

Bush isn’t the problem.