This is me contributing to this community

Ya, I’ve been here a long time and don’t philosophize as much. A long time ago some one here told me I think differently. I didn’t know whether to take that as a compliment or an insult.

This is what I know, that I don’t know. Everything is an assumption or a guess. Even logic, with its formula for truth, if this, then that, well, that’s a pretty big IF. The condition for one more guess. One more stab in the dark.

So this puts me in-line with the classic first philosophers, doesn’t it? So sorry if I don’t add much more than that. Bit of a roadblock of thought, yes?

I’d love to start a thread about living in a simulation or I could just say watch the matrix movie.

I believe free-will and fate are compatible somehow, the how being God, somehow, again.

I have a short novel in the creative writing section of this website that explores the nature of working in virtual reality, called American Captive. Please check it out if you have the time.

Some of my posts, if hostile, were probably drunk, but I’ve been sober a while now. Sorry anyway, you beautiful peeps.

My first male name starts with the letter K.

Did I forget to mention, I don’t know shit? Oh, I did? Okay, then I guess its back to pretending like I know something, because saying I don’t know to everything won’t cut it, and I’m expected to play along with society and the assumption routine.

Nothing to add? I’m one the deepest fuckers around these parts. Miss me with that shit.

This is the thing people don’t get about logic.

It’s self evident as it’s most primary source.

It’s not a syllogism.


That’s a fucking tree (while I point to a tree)

And they say, “prove it”

You’ll never win that debate, you can’t prove it.

I’m not saying logic is not useful. Like that double negative?

Anyway, as you might infer from my ILP handle, even though I spelled Berkeley wrong at that irreversible creation time, that I believe in the possibility that a tree is only an idea.

And you’re right, I can’t prove it.

One thing the tree isn’t however is the sound of the word “tree”.

That’s the thing. You always get some bitch or asshole who negates.

I mean, I’m actually pointing to a tree, and they say,
“We’ll just to have to agree to disagree”

There are so many shitheads in this world that it’s mind blowing.

Step away from ILP and you’d find plenty of shitheads who’d agree with you. Tree is like the standard for agreement for the basis of reality among many folks, like a starting point of where to meet minds.

Debate comes with the territory here, most times.

I am pro agreement, btw. Otherwise what’s the point of discussing anything? I’m not here to sharpen debate skills. I just like open minds.

I have an extremely open mind. I can even consider zen.

There is a certain point where negation is an act of aggression … “yeah, I saw someone brutally rape you, but it’s all relative”

People do shit like that on and off ILP.

I agree with you that negation can be an act of aggression. And probably better to say yes to things as they are.

Yeah there is logic and then there is another, and another. The logics multiplied by three and then by three until they reach the tree …top.

Cause the top and the bottom of the tree of knowledge are not understood to yield the forbidden fruit until all the gaps are filled in , albeit in-verse. ((This is me, invisibly))

haha, you’re crazy. Nine limbs of timber

They also say that those who don’t know, talk. And I’ve just rambled a good one.

That argument is reductive. But don’t hold it against any singular opinion, speaking of eschotology, someone dismissing religion must have made the gods crazy and mad as hell.

I am bilingual.

I speak English and crazy.

Learned both languages.

Don’t worry, be applly, happy.

I bet that has helped you think in new and different ways.


What else is new?

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his shoes, yo.

In all seriousness, tough, I think community concern is uppermost , and you have a lot to contribute, as well as anyone, and that maybe has become a truism for most, even the newbies at lip.

it got political for a while, which was preceded by raging nihilism which occasionally springs up here, emphasis on the raging. I’ve attempted to connect here through thoughtful posts a while back. Maybe I’ll try again over time.