This is the way you see the world.

Do you understand & accept this?

  • Yes - I get this. I agree.
  • No - I don’t agree.
  • I don’t understand.
  • I’m beginning to understand you.
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[size=50]…[/size][size=150]There is no escape for you. This is the way you see the world.[/size]


[size=50]…[/size][size=113]The horn in the center of all the pictures is your understanding of your philosophy.[/size]


This is an anti-semetic cartoon, you can tell about the nose that is in all the paintings.

Always reductive, to the obvious intent : exclusion. Of the self. The price: simply: just for fun. (As if animal sacrifices were in some way, enabling)

Bill: I will add a caveat if I may, I am here to learn. I am not here to look at the funnies. Although your representation does imply an oxymoron and a worn out cliché, and in the zen tradition of philosophy as a dead script of a bygone era, how relevant the connections of the foundations are, is worth loosing one’s mind over. And why? For the simple reason, that there can be no repose in the approaching limits. Besides, learning for it’s own sake has been a quest for those who can not learn from the fact that condemnation follows those, who cannot learn. (From history)

It is not a proof beyond that we are living in a time beyond history, and hence there is nothing to learn.

Just because ayer, and russel have been shown to be reductive by wittgenstein, still shows interest in exploring the traces of their relevance.

This is only meant as counterpoint. Thank you.


[size=113]I feel like I’m NOT the one who should be reminding you but -

You are on the internet.

This is a forum.

You are here to experience - the not you.

Grow-up. Thank you.

[size=113] Before you cut yourself totally off from me -

Just…humor me. What do you see in the GIF above?[/size]


Floppy man-boobs.

 I'll try to think, you are humoring me. I can see something humorous in the picture, but besides humor, there is also a counterpoint, a man-woman, a physical anomalie, which is stuck on the level of a man, trying to come to terms with an image of him/herself, which can never rise to the level of self acceptance , only through choosing who he/she wants to be seen.  On his/her level, acceptibility is not an issue, only the aloness of the self perceived oddity she seems to others.  

This humor is not infantile, just seem wanting for tragic relief.

 I appreciate and value your insights


Here is all I am saying.

Your reaction to that GIF is you.

Just like the rino paints his picture in the metaphor I used.


You say it’s an old message.

I say that this ids a message that is continually refreshed by new stimuli; the dancers.

That’s all.

That is all that I had hoped to relay in this thread.

I personnally thank you for you are the one who has brought this thread to it’s logical conclusion.


And you courtesy has not gone unnoticed.[/size]


This picture is a visual example of what happens when you fail to consider the perspectives of others. It is possible for 2 people to look at the same thing, and perceive totally different things.

I suppose you could say about this comment: “You do realize this garbage is just the same 26 letters, over and over again, in different configurations with a few spaces thrown in”, while another person can stand in amazement and say "“Can you believe it!? Just using the same 26 letters over and over again, in different configurations with a few spaces thrown in, you are able to communicate such profound ideas.”

By taking your perspective, and contrasting it with many others, you get a much more accurate representation of reality.

The Doorman
Opening the doors to people’s mind.

What on earth are you trying to say with all this? Did someone do something bad?





No. No one has done anything bad in this thread.

As far as my remarks…take them at face value.

You may want to start at the beginning of this thread and glance over the posts here. That will give you context.

Welcome to the forum![/size]



I never realised how dumb I was until someone just cut and pasted images then posted silly expressions with no consideration of anything anyone says. So thank you for proving to me at least that I am stupid.

By the way man tits, never make a point with man tits, man tits are not big or clever, even if they are big. All I thought was WTF, and why, if you can’t explain yourself any better than some random robot, then who are you and why?



[size=113]Someone got your panties all bunched-up?

Wasn’t me.



Who are you and what have you done with reason? :stuck_out_tongue:



Ah…oh! Here it is! Found reason![/size]

…let’s keep our eye on em now…