This is to let all of you know that

The site is coming down in 24 hours and will be unavailable for the rest of the month. Make your arrangements accordingly.

:astonished: OMFG! i guess i better get posting!, k well first i wanna talk bout the self, then maybe existance, and then oooh i know, reality and our world and then maybe talk about some of the world issues and then … :unamused:

:confused: [-X

alright zeno :laughing:

Mr. Impending Doom:

Of course you will need to present us with either a court order, warrant, or property deed before we willingly vacate the premises. You can’t just come prancing in here and tell us you’re shutting the place down. You’ve got some nerve, mister. Just who do you think you are, anyway?

staff - don’t quarantine this. :slight_smile:

It says impending doom is browsing the forums like 80173290878976238412693872648916824532784687123647891232450912349087213947 times. What the fuck!? :astonished:

I got five dollars says he can’t do it.

I’ve tagged all the entry ways to the domain with tracers. He’d have better luck finding Jimmy Hoffa than finding his way in here. If a hacker breaches security, whatever virus he attempts to implant will be sent back to his system without his notice.

Its a new program I’ve designed and I subcontract wherever my services are needed. I’ve done work for the FBI, the Airforce, Microsoft, and many more. Ben and OBW need me now so I’m doing this one pro bono.

Impending Doom, please reconsider your plans, sir. I do not wish to hurt you but if you try to swing the cyber sword, I have no other choice. The perimeter is surrounded and if you so much as toss a pubic hair over the fence your computer will blow up, your checking account will be emptied, your credit card numbers copied, your identity stolen, and your credit ruined.


Diana Ross

This whole melodrama reminds me of the Lovecraft story, “When Doom Came To Sarnoth.” Now it’s “When impending doom Came To ILP.”

While Lovecraft’s story was a masterpiece of its kind, this one is kind of, well, comic-bookish.
Silly, even.

Well, Mr. impending doom, do your silly little best. And please, do grow up.

Zeno - Don’t be such an arse. Do the decent thing and make an honest woman of ZenoGirl or something.

If it’s fundamentalist Islamics - then there are worse places than this probably higher on your list.

The black raven on chimney top
signals the tempest has not yet stopped

One more time the bird will rail
the ides of march portend the fatal fall

Hmm… Not Zeno apparantly.

Better siddown and try to remember who else’s pint we knocked over recently… :-k

seeing as how this thread was started yesturday, i’m getting even more confident that this is complete bullshit. have a nice day all.

Well darn that explains why I can’t get out, Detrop, I can’t find an unlocked exit . I am sure my kids are starving. Let me out puleeese? You are too good, you locked my door dear, please hand me the key. Thank you. All I have eaten were some cyber cookies, I did find a streaming video but, it was polluted so I couldn’t drink.