This Man Is A Genius...

Günther is…

  • …the greatest thing since Abba!
  • …the greatest thing since sliced bread!
  • …the greatest thing since Weird AL!
  • …the worst thing I’ve ever seen/heard.
  • …the funniest thing I’ve ever seen/heard
  • …Thirst’s alter ego.
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I give you: Günther!

Originally, I thought CF would enjoy this thread because it seemed right up his alley.

I find the music very amusing.


Does no one see the magic?


Uh Thirst I would if I could, I trust your sense of humor, honest pragmatic ways , your decorum, your ability to find your own path and your latest taste in avatars. So if you say it is great I am right there with you :smiley: :smiley:

Thirst - I had to watch several times before I could comment. Because there’s just so much there. Sure, the music is great. You can hear the influence of Sly Stone, the Beatles, Neil Young, Hendrix and, of course, David Hasselhoff. And the lyrics - they’re the kind you want to - no, are compelled to - go back to again and again, each time plumbing their depths a bit further. I hear Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Ian Anderson, and (obviously) Cher. And it just takes a while to absorb all of that.

But the video itself is a sensual delight. The choreography - Thwarp, Fosse, Robbins, but most of all, that fat chick at the dance club who dances all by herself in the middle of the floor, singing the words as she dances - even if the song has no lyrics - all are evoked. And the costuming - I feel like I’m at Sears, or Penney’s, or Goodwill on a good day - amazing!

You know, I’d write more, but I gotta get back to the vid. Talk later.

I think CF was into this a few months back.

Yeah. I remember the Ding Dong Song. Equally hilarious and unsettling.

ooh, my ding ding dong!

I’ve been into Gunther for awhile now.

For all Gunther news, here’s his website!

That’s creepy. I could be wrong, because I couldn’t listen to the music and I only saw the video, but it looks like a Weird Al Yankovic sex tape. And that’s just disturbing on multiple levels.