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this is a documentary i just started watching, and the premise is too good to pass up, watch it for yourself if you are interested in discussing the validity and seriousness of this documentaries claims.

political correctness is slavery


Ah, remember when slavery was politically correct…
Or not questioning a war…
Or rape within marriage…

One person’s political correctness is another person’s irritation, or worse.

The only amazing thing is that conservatives often think that there is no conservative political correctness.

Imp, should we all just stop being stupid and organize ourselves instantly?

Do liberals need to buck up and accept things?

Do you fear the government? Does that fear prevent you from taking any sort of action?

what exactly are you lamenting? Are you mocking the last remnants of what was once sympathy for those abused by power?

Political correctness is slavery because while this mainstream morality supposedly ferrets out immoral acts of opression, those in power who commit these abominable acts use the flimsy plywood board of mainstream morality to spin and cover it all up. In the end mainstream morality is marginalized and completely controlled.

Thus, political correctness of the second kind (the kind that isn’t driven by conflicts of popularity) results in retaliation from "them". If i support gay rights, i’m either a sinning homosexual myself or i’m out to destroy families. If i speak out against economic opression i’m either a brainwashed deadbeat or a know-nothing white kid.

Mainstream morality is great because it’s so inconsistent any observer can create and manipulate common conception to justify just about anything. The government is this observer, and the government is the deciever and the slaver.

Yea yea, you see dead liberals… We know already… When they start sticking people in FEMA camps maybe you’ll say i told you so, or maybe you’ll realize that your complacency has led to your own obliteration.

Keep on patronizing…