Three Levels of Reality

Quantum fields, atoms or chemical elements and macro reality can be classified as three levels
of reality for various reasons but for one of significance philosophically. The particles of the
Standard Model of Quantum Physics are all classified as quantum fields, considered to be
fundamental, rather than the particles themselves. The next level, atoms or the chart of
elements, is the middle level between quantum fields and macro reality, which is the third
level of reality classified by levels. Of philosophical significance is what is common to the
three levels–fundamentality! If quantum fields are fundamental, so are atoms and
macro reality because they are both derived from quantum fields. This post welcomes
refutation, different opinions or comments.

…what’s to refute. :confusion-shrug:

It’s like saying, our parents and our entire ancestral line is irrelevant to our existence.

My basic understanding is that the quantum field - which I think is part of the quantum foam - is the fundamental level of reality. This level of ‘reality’ is not real at all and is completely chaotic, existing only probabilistically (it is irreducably random). It exists outside of the laws of macro physics and hence when we observe quantum phenomena like entanglement it flouts commonsensical notions of time and space. Atoms and macro-reality are created out of this chaos, the result of random processes which oweing to probability inevitably* give rise to some structures. Cause and effect emerges somewhere around the subatomic scale and become stronger towards the macro. At the macro level the world has a solidity and predictability about it and the quantum element has gone.

*Time and space at the quantum level may consist of small regions that fluctuate in a foam-like manner (I read that on Quora).

First the fundamentals were called elements. Then they were called atoms. Then they were called particles.

Then we saw the forest & ditched the trees… The fundamentals were called fields. Now foam?

Think mutual production and levels. You don’t have large without small and you don’t have small without large.

We’re getting wrapped around the axle about what’s real and what’s less than real …when we’re only seeing half (or… a third…) of reality at a time.

Thanks for comment. Post must be obvious.


I don’t think it’s obvious that all higher levels of abstraction are as fundamental as the lowest level.

…but they are fundamental, for the creation of this current state of reality that we exist within.

We wouldn’t be here/exist/exist in this form, otherwise… but yea, maybe not fundamental for the universe per se.

I think that you are right–not that obvious. On gravitational waves–they seem to be all the rage now. I
keep reading about them. Gravitational lensing is as popular as ever. Spacetime seems to be similiar to
fields–one wonders whether they are real or mathematical. Your views?

Energy fields.

Vibrations organic minds interpret as the three types of matter: solid, liquid, gas.

Three, corresponding to mind/nervous system/body…to past/present/future, to the Platonic reason/will/pathos.

Philosophy deals with the range of what is perceptible (physics)…like the light spectrum has ranges that exceed man’s capacity to perceive.
What is too subtle or too complex it delegates to speculative metaphysics - remaining in darkness.
Metaphysics attempts to cast light into this darkness.
We must always begin with an understanding of our tool, the human brain, and its linguistic representations.
We start with psychology, like an artist begins by studying and arranging his tools, his brushes and colours, his hammers and chisels.

All is energy…some is ordered, some chaotic.
Of the ordered we only perceive a small range, interpreting as we’ve evolved to do so - a priori.
One of the ways we’ve evolved to interpret patterns (ordered energies) is as particles (things) - reducing a dynamic fluctuating energy vibration to a representational static abstraction.

None of that’s remotely true.

Plasma is an extremely well known state of matter.

If I remember correctly, humans know about ten states of matter. I think you can Wikipedia states of matter.