tiger lily

with the end of summer upon us I thought I’d post a flower shot from earlier this summer.


truly wonderful. :smiley:

makes me happy.

Beatiful colours in strongbadia.

creation, mucius:

thanks. and yes, the light in Strongbadia is wonderful this time of year.


That photo makes me want to get rid of this dumb digital and get back into my 35mm. Of course, getting both would be a nice Christmas present for me this year if anyone wants to chip in. That photo is really great, Gemty.


thanks for the comment Bessy,
I am blessed to be in the possession of a reasonable quality 35mm camera with more lenses than I know what do with. I am also blessed to have a small digital camera which provides me with the ability to shoot happy snaps whenever I want.

There are 35mm cameras to be had very cheap on the internet these days… film cameras just don’t command high prices.


Gorgeous. Sexy, even.

thank you.