Tilt Shift

I’ve been trying to perfect this technique for quite a while.

This morning, I think I’ve finally cracked it . . . :sunglasses:

Here’s the original ----> uk.geocities.com/sirebrum1/sireb … iginal.jpg

that’s pretty hawt!

(thumbz auuup)

Thanks Dan~.

Say, does anyone want to help me out here ??

I want to practice this miniaturisation technique . . . but to do that, I need to be challenged.

So . . . Could someone please nominate a suitable high-res photo (min 1024x768) for me to practice on ??

This link will make it easier - Google Image Search: city OR town OR village “from the top of”

I would be most grateful.

P.S. - Make sure you only post a link to the photo, so that the thread doesn’t get - s t r e t c h e d.

capespirit.com/Devilspeak%20 … 20Town.jpg

The Devil’s Peak.

So small, that he’s peaking at you, from a little spot, lol.

I only know of two kinds of miniturization.
One kind blurs, the other doesn’t.
I don’t know the official names, but I think it has to do with bit-rates…?

Doesn’t blur…? I can’t think what that might be. Blur is an inevitable by-product of macroscopic photography, created by
a much reduced depth-of-field. Maybe you’re thinking of the movie ’ Honey I shrunk The Kids '. :slight_smile:

Anyway, here’s the minified . . .

I had to crop out Devils Peak Mountain and do Cape Town instead.

Hope that’s ok.

Outline of method used

Using Paint-Shop-Pro-8 : ( I got it for free - like all my software )

  • Rotated image clockwise 30 degrees and cropped to remove mountain.

  • Removed ‘haze’ from the distant areas ( ain’t no haze in miniature land ).

  • Adjusted overall brightness and contrast ( also to remove haze ).

  • Increased color saturation by 30% ( makes it look more ‘fake’ ).

  • Finally, the hard part, I applied probably over a hundred individual strokes
    using a ‘softening/blur’ brush; making adjustments to the size and
    effect-strength of the brush as I went along.