TIME FRAMES according to life span

i hypothesize that if humans lived to be 1000 years old there sense of time would feel compleatly the same as is. there life span would be longer and they would construct a sense of time that goes along with it. they would do everything slower. what im trying to say is there sense of time would feel exactly the same as ours…they too would feel like life is to short. they to would feel as if there isnt enough time. i believe time is somthing our minds create to help us ration our life time.

I think time is incremented by our brains ability to process sensory input. Ile use just sight as an example. The moment light particles hit your eye, your eye reacts and sends off some signal. Once that signal reaches its destination, your brain fires off neurons, so on so forth. At some point the data your eyes obtained is combined with data from other sensors and that info is projected to your conciousness or awareness. I still cant explain conciousness or awareness, the immaterial soul thread is trying to do that, but its that feeling if “I”. I think we all know it. This is why I think if we lived 1000 years, we would not feel the same way, unless our brains processing speed is slowed by 10. It sounds like im talking about a computer huh? Well I am, I truly do believe our brain is just a super complicated computer…


A thousand years seems like a vast number to wrap our imagination around. How about a mere 200 years? If we lived for 200 years, on average, I image us going through similar life stages. I think we might be a slightly more patient species. Or at least I hope that we would be more patient. Our constant confrontation with deadline leads to an artificially inflated sense of the importance for our current tasks. Most of what we do today will matter only a bit in a week, a tiny bit in a year, and will be almost completely insignificant in ten years. We have too narrow of a perspective.

I was thinking about the same thing, too. We would still be in the same predicament—‘life is too short’. Now, boredom. I wonder if we would suffer more of boredom, or would it still be the same?

I think as it is, the lifespan being now 87 (?), there is enough time. We just have to stop wasting too much of it—that is if the goal is to accomplish and finish things we set our mind into.

what is a thousand years to a mountain?


If we simply fade into nothingness when we die, is a billion years enough? A millenia or a moment, it really wouldn’t matter which in a sense.

I myself think I could fill up a thousand years productively. And of course, ones health would be a huge factor- to grow old at 80 or 90 but to live on at that apparent physical age for another nine centuries…I’m not sure that would be a good thing. But if I could have a millenia of life at the same apparent age I am now, that would be pretty appealing.

As for the perception of time- I agree that’s based on metabolism and lifespan. Schopenhaurer says life is basically split between pain and boredom (I’m oversimplying to make a point), and there’s a lot of truth to that. The normal lot of many people is to fear death, fear want & struggle against it. But the moment they’re not struggling against it, boredom sets in.

Some semi-reputable scientists do think unravelling the human genome will result in Methusalaen lifespans of several thousand years. Naturally, if birthrates didn’t sharply decline we’d ruin the planet quickly, but that aside, think of the issues that would raise. As one of the researchers said, living 4000 years in luxury & study would be nice. But how about 4000 years as an African subsistance farmer, scratching away at the same few acres? Again, the perception of time and quality would be different.

Not if they fully accepted the now as it is, and lived through awareness. I see an inner revolution coming about within mankind. I see the same “philosophy” coming about in people I know, in various types of media, and books. I think there deep growing concern within parts of our society to rid ourselves of the ego, and a mind caught in time.

Just as a couple of quick examples, The new york time’s best seller “power of the now” by Eckart tolle which has gained incredible popularity over the past year, In the movie fight club I see many factors for negating the self, and living life in the moment.

“Don’t deal with it the way those dead people do, this is your pain right here, look!!” Tyler durden.

I see it in many people I know, and have met as well, and I see it on these boards. I see it almost daily, coming about in our society.

Yes. There is always this other bright side of having a very lengthy lifespan. And I think Rounder could be right about living the Now, instead of focusing too much on the future. One could really fill up a thousand years productively. And then, there’s the issue of money and resources—like you said, one could easily say yes to a 1000 lifespan if one has the money and luxury to support it. So, I guess for most of us, Stoicism is the best way to go—like, reduce one’s desires, live a calm, quiet life, forget about things we cannot change, etc.—and a 1000 years would not be so bad.

yes we could spend that 1000 living through awareness, and that would be great. but we could also spend our 87 living through awareness, and i think it would feel equal. when i say if "we could live to be iooo, i dont mean if allof the sudden we granted an extra 900 or so, that could have the potential to be wonderfull/horrible…what i mean is: if we were boern into it thinking it was the norm. i think if it was the norm(this thread) would be talking about living to ten thoudand. the sense of a long life time is always in comarison with our own.

I do not understand all this living in the now stuff. What does that mean exactly. Sure always worrying about the future sucks. But then again, not thinking about it ussually ends up sucking much more… Such as, im just gonna enjoy the now, and shoot me up some heroin. So yea, youle be enjoying life for that moment, but next thing you know your addicted, and cant stop thinking about the future, and how your gonna get yourself some heroin. Im not saying you have to be responsible for your actions, and that we should always be looking ahead. All Im saying is that ussualy, society, and in the case of the drugs, even nature, holds you responsible for your actions through natural causality. For everything you do, there is a consequence. To ignore those consequences seems irational to me. Maybe im just not comprehending “living in the now”… Please explain.

Well what I meant was that you don’t have to create/perpetuate your sense of time. So 20 years, 1000 years, ten thousand years, doesn’t have to feel equal. I don’t think we are born into thinking anything is the norm thats just conditioning. We’re born, we learn to communicate, and then we are told that we will die, that humans only live 80-100 years… so we create that sense of time. In reality you can’t truely know if you are going to die or not. You see other people die, yet you can’t truely know if you are going to die or not. You may be immortal for all you know, and you may die tommorow, you can’t really know anything right?

So what I’m saying that if one lived in the now, through awareness, then one would have no sense of time. So the length of a lifetime, wether 40 years or a million would not create any sense of time whatsover in ones mind.

Russian I’ll respond to your post, and explain living in the now, but this is the last thread I came upon today, and I have to get back to work. I think it might be a lengthy explanation so I’ll try to do it the next time I come to these boards, or I’ll try to find where its posted and give the link. But If you want to you could pick up any book of Krishnamurti, or more contemparary that of Eckhart Tolle as well.

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