Time to move on... (April Fools!)

Dear all,

After much reflection and discussion with the staff of ILP, I have decided to discontinue ILP and close it down at the end of the week. Having put a good deal of time and effort into this site, I no longer feel it fulfils the aims that I first started with. I am tired of those who complain about a service which is offered to them for free. I am tired of bickering and fighting and general disrespect across the forums. And I am tired of reading the 99% of drivel that pervades these boards.

I’d like to thank all the staff who have given so much to ILP and without them it wouldn’t have been as easy or as fun. I feel bad that the journey must end here for them but I am sure they will find new homes very quickly.

Thankyou to all those who contributed productive and intellectually over the years, it is just a shame that you were in the minority. However hard we tried, the crap always filtered in.

I will be selling the domain name to anyone who wishes to purchase it, please e-mail me if you are interested and we can organise some sort of deal.

Thanks for your time,


I know that some drivel is had on my part, even though I have not been here long, but I honestly have turned to the belief that maybe an internet forum isn’t the best place to discuss philosophy.

Perhaps those who do think it was a good idea should get a social life, find a regular cafe, write a few papers and publish… take some time to perfect your thoughts though. But if you feel as if hiding behind your computer because you are too afraid to express your ideas to others in the flesh, start your own site and stop crying.

I did see some promising posts, ones of which could be refined and published. But a site is no place to end your thought process, continue on in the real world and express yourself as openly as if you were writing on this site. Being afraid to stand for what you believe is being afraid of yourself, and of all things, you should feel safe in your own company.

[size=150]LOL… Haha Ben!!! nice one really had me going… Happy April 1st![/size]

[size=200]Happy April Fools!!![/size]

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Sorry for scaring you all!

  • ben

We’ve been had royally! :astonished: You had us fooled, too. :blush: Here’s to ILP, and to many more years of bickering! :stuck_out_tongue:

hehe… :laughing:

Guys, Ben names his forum ilovephilosophy.com and he would sell the domain or close the forum? Not possible. Even if God came and told me it was possible, I’d believe Him not because He could be wrong, but I could be not! :smiley:

Despite the fact it’s scary it’s kinda true a lot of the stuff here is drivel :stuck_out_tongue:!

that was close…my 1st Anniversery as a member here is approaching year quickly…

…but, at anyrate, you (ben) can be terribly convincing when you want to. I guess what first made me take you seriously was because the reasons you gave about why you were going to discontinue ILP were, in fact, true. :smiley:

BMW-Guy, your signature is really cool, namely this,

"Philosophy aims at the logical clarification of thoughts. Philosophy is not a body of doctrine but an activity. A philosophical work consists essentially of elucidations.
Philosophy does not result in ‘philosophical propositions’, but rather in the clarification of propositions. Without philosophy thoughts are, as it were, cloudy and indistinct: its task is to make them clear and to give them sharp boundaries. (Tractatus Logico Philosophicus; Wittgenstein)

You know some where some guy is sitting in his basement with the greatest philosophy in the universe on a three inch floppy disk…and he’ll never be known. Damn shame, really.~ Detrop"

Wittgenstein and the other is so right. Is that other a name? I don’t really know philosophers. I just have to disagree with Detrop here, because there can be no guy sitting in the basement doing the greatest philosophy ever and he’s unknown. That is not possible because the way God’s justice works, if he’s not given credit for his high philosophy then the best will not come forward, only lesser than the best will because philosophy comes from the mind of God and God won’t put the most important thoughts in his mind if he remains unknown and others walk away with his labour. Also, ‘If you hide a rose inside a box where it can’t be seen, the smell will still waft out and people will know there’s a rose in there.’ So, either way, you can’t hide real talent, it’s like a diamond, it will always shine. And that guy in the basement would be bigger than the diamond because he’d be like the sun. I wonder who on earth can miss seeing the sun or observe its power?

ohh…april fools. takes noose of neck