Time to move on...

Dear all,

After much reflection and discussion with the staff of ILP, I have decided to discontinue ILP and close it down at the end of the week. Having put a good deal of time and effort into this site, I no longer feel it fulfils the aims that I first started with. I am tired of those who complain about a service which is offered to them for free. I am tired of bickering and fighting and general disrespect across the forums. And I am tired of reading the 99% of drivel that pervades these boards.

I’d like to thank all the staff who have given so much to ILP and without them it wouldn’t have been as easy or as fun. I feel bad that the journey must end here for them but I am sure they will find new homes very quickly.

Thankyou to all those who contributed productive and intellectually over the years, it is just a shame that you were in the minority. However hard we tried, the crap always filtered in.

I will be selling the domain name to anyone who wishes to purchase it, please e-mail me if you are interested and we can organise some sort of deal.

Thanks for your time,


Damn! :astonished: I’ll miss this place a lot. Guess we’ll have to find a new spot to argue about Iraq! :wink:

Sorry it came to this, Ben.

Hi Ben, Its now the 2nd April down under, so you can tell me this was a joke. Right :astonished:

Anyway, he’s a bit more drivel…

Its a good time to acknowledge your selfless work (and the other guys too) and give you a big hugggggggg for your service to the world… no, the universe… no multiple universes. If we didn’t have a place like this to show our intelligence, wit and humility, the world would be a far poorer place.

Thanks Ben (and team)

[size=200]Happy April Fools![/size]

Have a good day all :wink:

  • ben

Thought I would bring this out of mothballs. Seems like a good t¡me.
Kindly scroll upward to see what I’m talking about.


Thank you for reminding me.