time travel

Is time travel possible?
Your thoughts please

probably very soon in the near future

I think it’s impossible to change the past, as that would entail contradictories being true, but time travel may be possible if “that’s the way it was” all along.

Time measures change, in itself it is nothing. Therefore, if you go in a time travel machine you COULD NOT return to the same point in time (the way things were at when you left). Theoretically on paper, you can show that time travel is possible, but practically I wouldn’t believe there could be something called time travel. Like the point I fail to understand is this simply - how can there be a time machine? Time is a scale we use to measure things like velocity, age, distance, etc., it is not even a physical quatity, it’s basically nothing. When we say time we are talking of something else but not time in itself. Then how can there be time travel?

right if you could travel in time and all the rest of it would you become your future/past self when you reached your destination or would it be like in cartoons and stuff when you have copies of people? plus how could you exist in a time where you have not even been, surely there is some physics law on this, i dropped physics 2 years ago so i aint 2 hot on it

Nope, sorry.

If time travel is indeed possible, then why have we not seen anyone from the future?

It doesn’t follow from the possibility of time travel that we should have.

A sort-of time travel is possible. If we could move at near-light speed then time for the traveler would slow way down. You could fly off in a rocket ship, or other suitable transport, then come back to the earth while hundreds of years would have passed here on Earth.

Going back in time is impossible, as far as we currently understand the behavior of the universe.

Pure speculation: Maybe some of the UFO’s that get seen are time travelers from our own future.

If time travel is indeed possible, then why have we not seen anyone from the future?

That is a good question to make, but i think i have the answer for that!

It may be like the xanderman said, maybe the UFOs and the aliens that people see are people from the future!

Maybe we have never seen any person from the future because at revealing thereselves to us they could also be changing their own present ( our future )!!??

As you all may or not know the quantun physics also talks about this! And it says that all events happen, but we only see and live one of the 100000+n possibilities!
Imagine that you could create a time machine and then you travel back to the pass! Once in the pass you decide to change history in some points you think they shouldnt had happen like they did! what do you think it could happen when you go back to the future? Could the world you used to know be diferent because of what you made, could you even die because of what you have done!!?? The answer is No and YES!! Here´s where the quantum physics come in again! this theory says that after you travel back to the pass and change something you really changed the things how they were suposed to be, but your present ( in this case once you get back to the future ) will not be diferent!! What you really did was creating another “paralel universe” in which things happened exacly equal until the time you started to change things! It will have now 2 diferent universes, the one where you came from and the one where things from here will be diferent because you changed some things!

The question after would be, when you come back to your time will you be in the universe where you should, or you will be in the changed universe that you created by modifing the pass?!?!??
Maybe this question will never be answered, even in the future, having that in mind i as a timetraveler i would not like to travel to the pass knowing that i could have the possibilitie of never go back to my time and universe!

And for that matter, imagine now this! Why would a timetraveler travel back to the pass where things already happened instead of traveling to the future?! Woulnd that be a much better journey, see how earth, humans and everything we used to know are in the year 3786 for example?!?! Beside that, by traveling to the future you would not only be making a travel much more safe knowing that its impossible for you to interfire it another time! You would also be making true discoverys!

Traveling to the future the only thing that you would have to remember is when you come back you must come to a time a little later of the time when you went to the future o else once again you would be interfering with the past! For example, its 5 - 9 -2004 ( local time: 2:26 ) thenyou travel to the year 2100, you see what you want and then you want to come back! perhaps you should consider coming back a little after the timeyou traveled to the future because if you arrive at 5 -9- 2004 but at 2:20 local time for example, you will be traveling to the past also!

My head at this time is about to explode, this is all to complicated and i dont know if a made my selfunderstand!!

All i have said about the quantun theory i must confess that i dont agree in some things, i thik that even wehn we travel to the future and then we come back with future technology we will also be chaging the future, in this case, the future of the humankind you visit!

I also think that maybe we already have been visited by humans from the future, but they probably have somekind of protocols that dont alow them to interfire with our time! That way they could see how things really happened when the meteor crashed on earth and provoced the extintion of dinaussaurs, for example, and without interfering with the “timeline”!!

well first, what is time?
time may not be what we see it as. time could be stopping every second for a million years and we wouldn’t know it, would we? also, the past are only memories, there can’t be a device that can go back, the universe doesn’t have the history written down, we can’t read it, and go back? (i hope that makes sense)

time travle could only happen in past events. travel into the future would not be possible, as i understand it, for we would have no coordinates to where we would “land” in the future. unless we were priorly told, from the future mind u, where we could “land”. relevant on how nightcrawler can not teleport into a place he has never seen or been to before (for all the fanboys out there this makes perfect sense). this means that time travel could only allow for the passage into already preexisting events. however, once that moment comes to fruition, then it is changed forever and breaks from continuity with any possible future events not incorporated with the existence of the time travler or events. multipe universes and dimensions would suddenly become created. the real trick would be a way to find the coordinates to the alternate worlds and figure a way to travel between. a way to SLIDE between them if u will. heh hah.

Never thought of that. Interesting.

personally i think we will never be able time travel but really what is time, we as humans invented it to measure things such as age etc.

The thing about time is that it would in my opinion create a circle. If i built a time machine, got into it, traveled 3 days into the past, and there wasnt 2 me’s, i would be caught in an endless cycle of me living those three days until i got into my time machine. If there was two me’s, future me and past me, then future me would automatically be different because I had had to of met past me already in order for me to BE future me.
I mean there is no time for me to go back in the past because then the me at the present would have already had to have met the future me in order for the time to pass until i become the future(and now present) me to go back and see past me.

damnit. i have trouble making ideas into sensable words…

The worlds best scientific minds are torn on this one, with opinions ranging from “it’s inevitable” to “it’s absurd.” My gut feeling is that time travel will not ever be possible, but I’ll concede that I just don’t know. We’re on the cusp of finding answers to some of the biggest questions we’ve ever asked, and it’s hard to predict what will be acheived in the next few centuries.

There is likely to be a Temporal Directive of Noninterference with past history. Those who conduct the time displacement expiraments have no way of knowing that changing something in the past would result in their existence ceasing to be. The Chaos Theory would be an integral part in the philosophy of time travel.

you do know it’s “past” right? i just wanna make sure

if we will ever get to travel in time, i do not believe it will be anything like what we imagine today. we percieve space with our senses and time with our mind and some instruments. First we sgould change the way we percieve time. Given today’s perception of time, time travel is somewhat self contradicting. The theory of an infinte number of parallel universes, different only in minor aspects gets my vote, but it doesnt not quite solve the problem.

Can you say that regresive hypnosys is not some sort of time travel? Why does time travel suppose our presence of a past/future moment? Could it not be only our perception of a past/future moment? Or maybe time is just an instrument we build and it does not exist…

Se how much we have to change about our perception in order to make time travel fesable?