time travel

time travel before seemed like a presumed possibility but i have encountered a line of thought that renders it impossible.

time exist only because energy is always going in one “direction” not in the geographical sense but in the affectance sense, there is no such such thing as anti work, it is also the case that the space consistently increases in entropy thus so to go back in time you have to break alot of fundamental rules, but does anyone have any idea as to how to go back in time.

ps. slowing time is not really time travel.

wouldn’t resistance be like anti work?

no thats work in a different direction.

Move to Kansas.

That’s right , Einstein’s idea of slowing time is not time travel . Usual answer for your question will be concept of worm whole.
According to today’s science , there is concept of parallel universe which is bit related to time travel. eg, If you tried to go back in time , it will create an alternative time line, Where you will be in cloned world newly created along with you, which can also be called a parallel universe. By this concept, you will disappear from one world and appear in other time of cloned world.Will it ever be possible to return back to original time line ?This is one interesting question. Even if you are able to travel in future with same time line or alternative time line, the question is , Where is Now , where is Today !!! Interesting. isn’t it.

Joke: To figure out the age of cloned world, Will carbon dating process help you in this ? :laughing:
may be , or may be not .Imagine 100 year old guy’s skin giving carbon dating time as just 1 day or 2 day!!. What if decaying also carried along with it. isn’t it. Intrested in knowing this

[i]“We carbon dated the carbon dater and found the square of the date. Its inherent hypotenuse yields an eternal absolute scale of time.”

“We reversed the carbon dating process and discovered how old the object will be.”[/i]

If you can cause a entropic chain reaction you can caust an anentropic chain reaction, thus you can while not reverse time exactly reverse all action that has occurred effectively resetting an energy/mass system to an initial state. It would seem like time was reversed.

Not so.
Such would require “anti-energy” or “negative energy”. Negative energy is the concept of accomplishing less than zero accomplishment, achieving less than zero achievement, or simply a change of less than zero change. All are oxymorons.

But you are right in that IF one could reverse the direction and potential of the everything in entire universe (changing less than zero change), the universe would revert to a prior state. Such things can be done “in effect” with societies, mindsets, or architectures, but not in physics.

if two particles start next to each other and move away from each other two particles with the right force can smash into them and force them in the direction such that they return to there original position… evidence.

How did you acquire “the right force” used to reverse the direction of the particles?
If you are going to conserve momentum, something is still going in the original direction.
In order to “reverse the placement of all things”, how are you going to reverse the new thing that sent those particles backward?
You would require and infinite regression of reverse motion.

But even if you could to that, you have an additional problem of space being 3D.
How are you going to compress everything back. What could compress it without itself having to be compressed?
Again, an infinite regression of reverse compression.

But still even if you could manage that one, you have an even more devious problem.
Everything is expanding out from the same point. If two bombs were to be exploded, they would have different centers and thus the compressing of them back to their original condition would require something between them expanding.
What did you put there that wasn’t there before such that it expands yet doesn’t exist once the task is complete?

And still even beyond that, there is yet another problem.
Orbits are formed by counter-acting forces. If you reverse the direction of the orbit, you still require the same direction of gravitation pull. If you reverse the gravitational pull such as to be pushing, how are you going to maintain an orbit?

I’m sure there are many more unresolvable problems with the notion of reversing all directions of motion.