Greetings all! Just a small question.
If tomorrow I got in a time machine and went back 200 years, would I have to hide myself from my future self who already arrived? Or would that future self already have returned to the future. But even then, would the future me be hiding from its future self? If you follow that, there would be selfs following selfs folloing selfs in an endless line that I really can’t fiure out. I’ve been doing some research but practically all the readings I’ve found keep referring to other complicated papers. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Ask your future self :unamused:

hmmm, first of all, I wonder what your “big” question would be if you say that this is a small question of yours.

what do you mean by hide yourself from your future self?
a lot of paradoxes arise from time travelling. I do not think that they are real paradoxes. if you have done a bit of philosophy you must have read about the branching world theory which is usually applied to chance and probability. I think that it can be used to solve the paradoxes as well in a way that if you go back in time to kill the person who is to be your father, then the world will branch in a different way in a totally different direction. the things that have already happened–the fact that you have been born–is still there but exists in another possible world.
I have doubts whether time-travelling to the future is possible or not as the “big question” of whether the world is deterministic or indeterministic is still not quite settled in my head. if the world is deterministic I think it is possible to travel to the future, however, if the world is inderterministic, I think otherwise.