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I don’t consider time to be any great mystery, but I do like one thing Carrol said;

And his postulate concerning the distribution of the universe with local and distant “universes” is similar to my own, although I further question the entire “bang” idea to be anything but extremely large black holes colliding, if it actually happened at all.

… but he doesn’t seem to understand exactly why. Despite the efforts, quantum mechanics is useless for such an explanation.

Time ≡ the measure of relative change.

And each form of energy has its own rate of vibration, change, decay, growth, etc.

I remind you of some texts on the first page of my thread “Universe and Time”:

As you get closer to the painting what you see becomes more and more limited. As you step away from the painting you may be able to observe all of it at once. This is how the Universe is. It’s just one giant painting that we can’t completely see due to being closer to one part than others.

For example there is a painting with different color blobs on it. Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, etc. All separated. As you move your face closer to the painting, whichever color your eyes are lined up with you will see without seeing the other colors. Move farther away and you will see all of the colors at the same time to realize there is not only one.

The universe expands remember? We aren’t the beginning, we are merely part of the already growing expansion.

Aesthetic distance prescribes the distance we should see re presented objects. Pointillism is an art form, whereby such prescription becomes most obvious. It is actually the very prescription it’s self, move too close, the formal arrangements make no longer any sense. Meaning relationships between aggragates of form break down. Below a treshold of reducibility and discernibility, the objects can not be identified. The cosmic time suffers the same type of process, of irreducibility. There are only a series of relative time,
Where the idea of the beginning of time make little sense. The chicken and the egg idea as a vector, or reverse vector, can not be extended to the cosmic egg idea here, since time flows in only one direction and is irreversible.
Conceptually, the time space continuum reversely extends, or spreads out, and the closer it gets to the Big Bang, the more relativistic ally time has to slow down. At the very limit, time ceases into an infinite extension-duration, thereby creating a paradoxical negation of effective time. Zeno’s paradox has never really been solved.