To anyone who is interested in Eastern Philosophy

I am Iwao Syunji . I live in Japan . I graduated from Tokyo University
with a degree in Management.
I have been seeking the truth mainly through Eastern philosphy.
I’d like to share my ideas with anyone who is interested in
Oriental Philosophy including Laozu, Confucious and Budda and so on.
Please reply to this thread or contact me at

certainly. do post them.

Konichiwa Syunjisan!

I used to live in Yokosuka for two years and Japan changed my life entirely. I enjoy reading the works of Sun Tzu, Lao Tsu, Yamamoto Tsunetomo, and Miyamoto Musashi. I have looked at a few other authors, but the names do not come to mind right now.

I have begun reading about Eastern Philosophy. I am currently reading about Taoism. I like its emphasis on living in accordance with nature.

Iwao, I’d love to read your ideas on the subject of Eastern Philosophy. :sunglasses:

the central idea of taoism is big, it’s like the will to power

ying yang focuses on the natural, nietzsche focuses on the human

i’ve been thinking what would happen if a connection is found between them, a connection is found between the east and west. humanity will take a big step forward once that happens, i believe

the mainstream philosophy is german all over the world, can we trust germans that much anyway?

Iwao Syunji, I lived in Tokyo many years ago. It was the first country I had been to outside my own country. I believe that my life has never been the same since. Although I have to say as far as Eastern philosophy goes, it is the Chinese that I resonate with.

Confucius is my favorite because he emphasises the principles of truth and the middle way. Lau Tse, Chang Tse, Mencius, Hui Neng, to name a few. I would love to hear your views.

I’ve always liked this come back to the middle way: “The idea has great merit if it only wasn’t so extreme” :wink:

Hi Iwao Syunji,

I have this burning question that no one here have answered me satisfactorily.

It is a simple question and I must insist that the answer be simple too; for if I have to give my life and spent a lifetime trying to understand the answer to know it, then I do not have the motivation nor the time to know it.

And this simple question is: what is truth?

Would much appreciate a simple answer. Thanks.

Pardon my bumping in, but I just had to give my answer to this question.

Question: What is truth?

Answer: An illusion within the realm of interpretation.

Thanks Sage, but I want to hear what truth is to a Buddhist.

good answer sage :slight_smile:

cha, relatively few japanese are actually buddhists, although zen can be regarded as a buddhist offshot. so, shinto, zen, possibly even christian are more likely guesses.

to a buhdist monk, truth is the joy of not desiring :wink:

relative few japanese are buhdists? what you talking about? not even all those shinny head monks really are

Are you saying Buddhists, or at least some of them, are hypocrites?

i know many who went into the mountains years ago, who are now regular visitors of the whorehouse.

i went into temples in green, i saw macedees in blue, mobilephones with screens and suites covering shirts.

whad you reckon?