To Drink or Not To Drink???

That is not the question; bottoms up! =D>

I myself do not, though am not an abolitionist, I’ll take communion; there are some reasons not too:

-feeling ill, vomitting, head ache…


-“They know you’re more dangerous sober.”

-I don’t like the feeling of being drunk.

-long term health

-personal danger (walking at night alone and drunk)

-looking like a fucking idiot to anyone else who isn’t drunk

-feeding profit to large liquor corps

…er, drink is good (in moderation) so why not! :evilfun:

RU I am there with you my friend. I get a few days off with minimal work to do, I am taking advantage. The guys are out of town and I get it all to myself. Yeehaaaa! tuna sandwiches, chips and beer are what will be consumed, No friggin cooking, laundry, dishes, wiping of male misses around the toilet and so much more, OK so I have the other kids, but they are easy to deal with compared to my guys. :laughing: :laughing: I get the TV, the computer, the games, the movies, I get to sleep til 5 am damn, I am rolling in luxuries :smiley: :smiley: and beer :smiley:

Kris you lucky girl! I’m having one in your honor, cheers!

Enjoy your days off!

Thank you, it is a rare vacation for me. I will take it gladly and abuse it soundly within my abilities, So glald I do not live in a city , I could really get into trouble :laughing: :laughing: