To each his own: a simple inquiry

If you succeed in pulling yourself out of the fear of death and destruction that our little society has so solemnly confined itself to, you may consider yourself lucky. Furthermore you’ll soon find yourself confronted with a new freedom, including the task of deciding what role you’re going to play in this world. This is the fourk in the road I want you to tell me about: when you can actually have an impact on society do you A.) use your time and energy to help repair it B.) waive your ability, neither helping nor harming (intentionally) or C.) help destroy it, with the idea that the sooner it crumbles the sooner it can be rebuilt by newer generations who may have a better chance of restoring the principles and values that have nearly diminished completely… or D.) Other

I would think any of the above a fine response, considering the sort of freedom you posit comes with an intimate understanding that all such positions are part of the same framework used for and leading toward the same ‘end’.

Ultimately, the highest perspective may perhaps take on the position of Balancer, seeking to keep the scales from tipping too far either way – but even here we posit a certain level of engagement with one’s own personal role and responsibility within the whole, something that would be abandoned by attaining a sufficiently elevated position (of “freedom”).

That being said, I think most people would choose A, since universalization of the subjectivity at such high levels is best accomplished through compassion and love.

The pulling-oneself-out-of-fear is itself a fine contribution to society. Perhaps the best even, as it inspires others to do the same…
and as we know, “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself”.