To everyone and no-one.

I got most of it except wanker, I have heard the word used but do not know what it means. So what is a wanker…Shh, Imp, let Impious answer first, I have an idea of what you might say :laughing:

LOL. I was ummm… less than sober last night and somehow (!!!) forgot that my aegis only relates to goings-on within earshot (ie there’s no reason to be telling internet peeps about it). . How very embarrassing. :blush:

However, I’m still proud to share the fact that I have proven, in anyone’s language, that ice can help cure.

:laughing: Sobriety is overrated at night when the day is near done. Drink is needed as a warm soothing bath for the soul.

Oh and what is a wanker? :smiley:

To be honest, it’s colloquial use is vaired and kindof hard to explain, but at it’s most simple it’s a derrogatory term for someone who masterbates.

Ahh. hmmm, ohh, OK I was thinking it was the equivalent of geek or dweeb.

BTW, I said that ‘my aegis is only related to going’s on within earshot’ but that’s not entirely true. It’s complex, but for the most part it only effects people whom I can hear and who can also hear me. Sorry to be so pedantic but I like to be as correct as I can when I talk about this stuff.

I still think you should man-up and keep those posts. This board is littered with my drunken ramblings and people still seem to tolerate me . . .

Geeze, if rambling is the criteria, then what is the problem? Most of the crap I post is rambling - and I’m sober most of the time! :blush: :laughing:

rambling? wouldn’t ewe know it?

wankers indeed