To My Eternal Pen Pal Satyr

Dear Satyr,

I just wanted you to know that you’ve become a messianic figure to me in terms of curing the plaguing problems of modernity with your message of reaffirming the noble spirit of virtuous social order where if we repent our decadent sinfulness we also can join in on your enlightened fraternity or philosophical genius.

When I think about you sometimes I see the face of Hannibal Lecter on the body of Christ.

Not only that, you’re so apt at pointing out everybody else’s flaws that you also have a sort of Sigmund Freud thing going on with that messianic persona of yours.

I so very much like observing you at your forum along with the rest of your flock. I very much enjoy your weekly sermons and I would like to know what it would take to become one of your disciples.

I commend you on your righteous battle against the heathens in their constant crucifixion upon you here. They simply know not what they do.

I have complete faith and no doubt whatsoever that you are the chosen one to deliver the world to the favored promise land.

From yours truly,

Laughing Man


I know, right?

Still no response.

That’s not fair. He can’t make a response - remember. But I can surely see by your avatar that you’re ready for him.

But where does Christ’s face go? 8-[

The mighty crusaders at KTS and their war against cynicism, nihilism, or anything that might shed light on human frailty.

Yes, I call them crusaders but instead of God what they fight for is a kind of archaic aristocratic progressivism that will forever be out of their reach as the entire world has changed quite radically not to mention indefinitely also that it simply will never return. They worship long dead ideals.

They claim to be against modernity but in all reality they are indeed modernists themselves of a more conservative caliber.

Both nihilism and cynicism as a whole are rebellious philosophical overtures that has nothing to do with modernity where instead through mental framework are actually the biggest critics of modernism as a whole.

Ye, then it came to pass that a bearded prophet from the French Canadian Quebec province cometh to deliver us all to greener pastures. Our Savior and Messiah, Satyr

Our Lord and our shepherd to deliver us from nihilism or cynicism through society’s collective decadence.

Our Lord and Savior that arrives to take us all to the virtuous or noble spirited promise land.

A man born to lead the righteous few of his flock to forever be the chosen ones while casting out the decadent sinners that refuse to believe or lead themselves to the true objective understanding of the world through his Majesty.

Ye, although I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I shall fear no nihilistic or cynical evil, thy noble kingdom come and thy will shall be done as it is in his paradise earthly heaven.

Ye, let us not be tempted to become nihilists or cynics and may our Savior give us all fair judgement in casting away our daily sins.

Forgive me father for I am a nihilistic and cynical sinner needing to repent myself upon your glorious standard of social order.

You are the wellspring to which I drink casting away my sins and to which I become clean or whole again from.

Praise and worship our beloved prophet Satyr so that he may watch over us all so that we can bask in his guidance.

Clearly he is one of God’s own.

As it was written in the great Know Thyself Forum chronicles on the fourth night of a full moon a groupie virgin woman by the name of Lyssa will help spread the gospel of Satyr.

It is rumored that she is an angelic virgin being hailing from radiant divine light when Satyr was fasting to which he was only drinking a vanilla mocha latte expresso on a cold winter day at a local Montreal cafe meditating.

She has been divinely ordained by Satyr to repell the sinners and outcasts that do not follow the righteous path of our beloved Messiah or Savior.

It was written that the glorious virtuous and noble kingdom on earth will arrive only upon her growing wings upon Satyr’s blessing.

Together in sacred union shall they deliver us all to the fabled promised land.

We must wait for signs to unfold and their sacred coming to which we will all be raptured away under their magnificence.

So it was written, so shall it be done.