To You,

I offer my knowledge & wisdom to you before all else.

Let’s begin with the tripartite division of common knowledge (Epistemology). There are three predominant intellectual fields, composed for the sake of human intellects. These are: Religion, Science, and Philosophy. Religion is the most populated intellectual arena, and therefore the simplest and easiest. Science has a smaller population than religion, and is comprised of more rational and demanding intellects. Finally, philosophy has the fewest active participates, and represents the smallest minority of intellectualism. Philosophy is the least populated, the sparsest intellectual endeavor. Because philosophy is the most difficult and demanding intellectual category.

Philosophy engages the most meaningful and powerful aspects of life, by questioning what ought to be most obvious. What is the meaning of life? What is life? What/Who is god? What is existence? What is the nature of reality? Who decides and defines these terms and concepts?

Religion is a matter of faith. Faith is valuable. Faith represents hope, the antithesis of fear. People cling to faith, as a response to their primordial fears. Religions are seduced by irrationality and fantasy. When religious disciples and followers are specifically made, reinforced, and culled to emphasize faith, then religious followers eventually believe in anything their spiritual leaders say, no mater how fantastical and fictional. The danger and weakness of religion, is trusting into emotions, fantasy, and fanaticism. There such thing as “too much faith” (zealotry) as there is “too much doubt”. And so the religious sects and cults need at least a small doubt. Religion is opposed to philosophy, as faith is opposed to doubt. A religious person is trained to fear a philosopher. Because the philosopher (you) represent doubt. And doubt represents fear.

Science is an intermediate section, neutral to both religion and philosophy. A scientist is the “more balanced” type, who understands the importance of both faith and doubt. A scientist is an empiricist, rationalist, and materialist. The defining attribute of the scientist is his compulsion to observe, hypothesize, test hypothesis with experimentation, record results, and repeat experiments. Religious people detest science, because science represents doubt. Why must scientists test, and run experiments, on what is already known, a priori (beforehand)? Religious people see scientists as misguided, and “creation science”, is a form of biased experimentation. Religion + science, leads to politicking. Because a religious scientist is not seeking true knowledge, or to actually learn about existence, but instead is setting up experiments to prove a preset premise and hypothesis. In philosophy circles, this is known as the “bad faith argument”. People try to prove preset premises, instead of actually learning and understanding existence. This is the difference between subjectivity (bias) and objectivity (truth).

Philosophy is the intellectual realm of fear. And it is sparsely populated, because few humans can brave real, true fear, for the sake of learning, enhancing knowledge, and acquiring wisdom. Philosophy represents true learning and good faith argumentation. Only philosophers can truly “learn” about existence and the universe. Because learning requires a confrontation with fear. What is fear, except the human reaction to the unknown? And what is unknown, about life and existence? What do you not know, personally? What are you ignorant of? What are your limits? When pseudo-philosophers, imitators, players, and wanna-bees, “participate” in philosophy, they recoil at their own limits. Because they’ve never faced their fears before. They often don’t even realize they have fears. Because the average human being today, the modernist, the hedonist, is trained to live in bliss. Ignorance is bliss.

The modernist, 99.9% of humanity, which most participants here represent and defend, do not actually want to learn about the world, universe, existence, life, etc. Instead they come to philosophy in bad faith. They are not here to learn, but instead, to justify and rationalize their preset premises and hypotheses. They want to “be right”, “be correct”, and “be true”, without taking any real risks. What are the risks of philosophy? You can, and you will, expose your ignorance, if not now then eventually. You will display what is unknown. And whereas everybody else around will see this as weakness, pathetic, and lowly, the philosopher must invert this human compulsion. You must find your humility after confronting the unknown. Because, again I ask, what is unknown? Don’t always seek to “know” the world around you, but also seek to “unknow” the world around. Unlearn all the lies you’ve inherited throughout your early life, and even now. Relearn and attempt to understand again, what is true or false.

Your judgment of truth and falsity will supercede all others. The philosopher must have this ability above all others. Because if you cannot ultimately discern what is true or false, then how can you truly know anything at all? And you cannot, because truth and knowledge are two different things. It is only after truth is combined with knowledge, and your judgment is clear, precise, accurate, authoritative, and powerful, that you will open up the realm of wisdom. Because what is wisdom?

Wisdom is true knowledge. Wisdom is the sum of truth + knowledge, together in one.

Let’s begin here and now,

Where do we find ourselves at this precise moment? We are white, european, males, the highest intellect on this planet. And because of this discrepancy of intelligence, we find ourselves, utterly, totally, alone. There is a great price to pay for great genius, isolation and solitude in particular. Learn to speak over humanity, the modern males and hedonist females. Always remember: these types have no compulsion nor interest nor desire for philosophy. Philosophy is foreign and repulsive to them, truly. They’re unfit for it. And so as you seek your likeness in nature, in existence, you will find your likeness through the highest possible intelligence. What you lack, is not a need nor want shared by others.

What time is it? 2014AD, according to the judaeo-christian, Roman calender. This represents we were born into. We could have been born in…500AD or 1500AD. We could have been born in this or that country, this or that culture, this or that planet, this or that civilization, this or that specie. But we were not, and so we are linked through the meaning of these words. You and I understand each other perfectly, compared to the common misunderstanding of those who seek lower intelligence, and find that it is all too common.

This age represents the beginning of postmodernity, an age when a global civilization will begin, and consume all remaining political borders and public lands, as if any wilderness still lingers on earth. It does not, all of earth has become consumed by the monstrosity of “civilization”. And so this is the environment and circumstance of our philosophy and development today. But the philosophical mind, yours and mine, transcends the limits of space and time. Philosophers communicate across the ages. So even though I speak to you “here and now”, I also speak to you 500 years ago, and 500 years ahead. It is through our philosophical texts, our evidence, that we communicate. Because the philosopher is such a rare occurrence, that a philosopher is not born into every age, but sometimes waits centuries, or millenniums, before such circumstances call another philosopher up from the graves.

Bare witness to the intellects of philosophy before you, and embody their resurrection.

Why are philosophers only white, european, males? Because you have inherited an ancient tradition and technology. This technology is the “logos”, the words, concepts, and ideas which escape the confines of death. Logic is the essence of thought. And the highest intellect, representing the highest logic, cannot be easily copied nor readily replicated, by those lower than yourself. A rationality, representing reason, escapes the common human. Humans withhold a lesser form of logic, which they attempted to copy religiously from above. What is the logic of religion, except the words of god? A higher being, a being full of wisdom and knowledge, a transcendental organism. Or you could simply consider the idea of god as a transcendental philosophy. Who are our ancestors, except all the philosophers before and after us? What have we inherited? Isn’t this more than a simple tradition?

Philosophy is your obligation and duty. You are obligated to transfer philosophy, truth, knowledge, and wisdom unto our descendants. This is our true culture and destiny. Understand that your words and thoughts, every one of them, will be listened to by the philosopher of 3014AD. And you are responsible for everything you think. Imagine that every thought you have, is recorded, and will become inherited by your…own child. Imagine that you have a responsibility to them, and to others, of your own kind. And if you err in thought, reason, rationale, and logic, then your mistakes will also become inherited. This is the truest danger of thought and intellect.

You take a risk, merely by thinking. Because you can think wrongly and falsely. So strive to think rightly and truly, correctly and reasonably.

You owe it to yourself, to me, to your ancestors past, present, and future.

This is some Elliot Rodger type shit.

Elliot Rodger was broken.

A brave soul, but society broke him.

In this moment, interterrestrial is not broken.

And he ain’t a fucking alien, except to the zombies.

Care to elaborate?

All organisms are born with inherent tendancies. I understand your statment if you meant society broke him by not yet being able to bioengineer away his issues.

Very creep-ridden statment.


You can see through the reactions here, precisely who you are, versus who you are not.

This is not the words of a broken man, it is a man who cannot forget the before, or after, of Renaissance, the the necessity of never forgetting to draw the line through them.